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TK and Rachel take the 1:00 AM Lufthansa flight. Kynt decides that if TK and Rachel look, he's going to act all upset, voicing over hilariously that they're using "performance art." Oh my God. Every time I think that dude has maxed out pretentious crap, he finds some more. Pretending to be upset is not "performance art." When someone gives you a Christmas gift you dislike and you pretend to like it, that's not "performance art." The point of art is for it to be art and to express an artistic viewpoint, not to fool someone into thinking you have bad airline tickets. I can just imagine real performance artists being like, "Oh my God." This is just being sneaky, and it's actually a decent idea, but I cannot stand the way a perfectly nice, pedestrian example of trying to trick people into not asking about better tickets has to be transformed into "performance art" to serve the stupid persona he's trying to project. The only evidence we have that it's working is Rachel's disembodied voice saying "they look frazzled," which could be from God knows when, but I wouldn't doubt that this might be a good way to preempt TK and Rachel -- who aren't the brightest bulbs, necessarily, though they're affable and seem cool -- from getting the flight they're getting. Ultimately, TK and Rachel do get on that Lufthansa flight, and Kynt and Vyxsin get their flight.

As it happens, the Air France flight is delayed leaving Paris, which results in Kynt and Vyxsin being the first team to actually make it to Mumbai. They get their auto-rickshaw, and in a camera shot presented in Vaseline-O-Vision, we see them whooping it up on their way to the newspaper stand. The Air France flight lands next, and everyone gets going. When Kynt and Vyxsin get to the right spot, however, they learn that the stall doesn't open until 6:00 AM, so if they arrived at 10:50 or so...yeah. Not soon. In Ron and Christina's rickshaw, she seems utterly delighted by the experience, grinning openly about being "on three wheels on the highway." Nate and Jen, however, are having the annual Discussion Of What India Smells Like, and all things considered, given the smiles, I think they're having the most good-natured discussion you can have. I mean, I've never believed it was out of line to notice that something has a smell that's unfamiliar or unpleasant, even if the unpleasantness and unfamiliarity are related. It's not like they're saying, "These people are disgusting; they stink." It's more like, "Wow, that's...a smell." Ron and Chris, Nick and Don, and Nate and Jen join Kynt and Vyxsin at the newspaper stall to wait it out until 6:00 in the morning.

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