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When we return, Nate and Jen are still in last place and still not finding the ad. They're so distracted at this point that their efficiency is clearly approaching zero. Meanwhile, other teams are looking for the tailor shop. Kynt and Vyxsin, Ron and Chris, and TK and Rachel are driving around looking, but here are Nick and Don, first to the tailor shop, where they see the Speed Bump sign with Kynt and Vyxsin's picture on it, which means this is where they'll stop and do the extra task. Nick and Don's clue, when they pick it up, tells them that it's time for the Detour, and the options are Paste 'Em and Thread 'Em. In Paste 'Em, you go to a marked underpass and glue up a six-panel Bollywood movie poster, which you have to align carefully so it's neat. If you mess it up, you'll have to start over. In Thread 'Em, you go to a flower market and find a marked stall where you create a flower garland by threading 108 flowers in a pattern. When you're done, you deliver it to a nearby bridegroom (?) and get your clue. Phil tells us that threading flowers is "delicate," but if you have "deft hands," it might go fast. Nick and Don choose the pasting task, and once again, Don has some professional experience -- when he was in printing, he used to do big multi-panel posters like this. I'm not sure that will speed up the pasting, but I suppose the familiarity won't hurt. I do love the ongoing theme that no matter what the task is, Don has done something in his life that's relevant. "Make up a rap? I was actually a rapper in Korea in the '50s." Chris and Ron also select the pasting. I don't think I'd want to sit with Ron trying to thread flowers on a needle, either. Ron + sharp objects + frustration = bad day for everyone.

Jen and Nate are still looking for the clue, but she's spending so much time talking about how frustrating it is that...well, you've seen them go through this before.

Kynt and Vyxsin are lost looking for the tailor shop, it appears. TK and Rachel, on the other hand, find it. As you know they would, they choose the flowers. Hey, it's not like hippies were ever called "pasting children." In fact, it seems that Rachel works with garlands and flowers and thinks that although this will take some time, she can do it quickly compared to other teams. Finally, Kynt and Vyxsin reach the tailor shop, but before they can get that clue, they have to deal with the Speed Bump. As Phil explains, it requires them to find a yoga master (a particular one -- it's not like, "Are you a yoga master? Are you a yoga master?" although that would have been funny) and perform a series of moves. As they head to the location, Kynt camera-talks that things are so stressful that he thinks stopping to do some yoga will be great. Yeah, very relaxing, I bet. Fastest yoga ever!

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