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Kynt and Vyxsin's adventures in yoga are ready to begin.

Nate and Jen find the Detour, and they choose the flowers. I'm not sure why they want to get involved in a lot of close, precise work together after the hunt for the newspaper ad, but there you go. Let's see where this goes!

As the yoga progresses, Kynt interviews that while it was difficult, "any chance to see Vyxsin twisting, turning, and contorting her body was always a highlight for me, and I think it was a highlight for the instructor as well." He is totally dating her. Totally. I don't know about you guys, but I am utterly convinced. He is toooootally hot for her.

Nick and Don make it to the pasting task and find Ron and Chris already in progress. They start pasting. Over at the flower stand, TK and Rachel are threading.

Kynt and Vyxsin are led through sticking out their tongues and humming. Oh, yoga. You are so embarrassing. In their rickshaw, Nate and Jen are bummed as Jen says she's just sure she's in last place, because Kynt and Vyxsin probably are already done with the Speed Bump, since they have "supernatural powers." I'm not sure where she got that. But in fact, Kynt and Vyxsin are done with the yoga, and they can now return to the Detour starting point at the tailor shop.

Ron wanders off in search of something to stand on, and when Christina calls out to him, he turns and hatefully spits, "I need a stool; you think you can lift me up?" I swear, the way he turns on her when he's angry is so goddamn creepy. In an interview, she calmly points out that her dad started the poster too high and then wouldn't listen to her. I do not understand how she maintains her cool in these situations, and it makes me really sad for her, like she has a little callus where the capacity to be wounded by her own father's words should be, and you wonder how long it took to build that up. Nick and Don, on the other hand, have started right at eye level and are having little difficulty. TK and Rachel are still threading flowers, and she's insistent that the poster couldn't have been faster than the flowers.

Kynt and Vyxsin get the Detour clue and pick the flowers (duh). "Vyxsin, look at how dark the interior of our cab is!" Kynt says dramatically. "How do you feel about this?" "It's very cozy; it's like being in a coffin!" she says. My read on that scene, if I had to guess, is that they said that without the camera on and were made to repeat it, which is why he sounds so much like he's in a play, and in which case they really could have tried a little harder to deliver it less annoyingly. Furthermore: OH MY GOD SHUT UP ABOUT COFFINS.

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