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Animal magnetism

Ron and Kelly drive through the bush as Kelly stares unhappily ahead. In the Rob and Amber car, Amber says that she thinks the difference between herself and Rob and Ron and Kelly is that she and Rob "use teamwork." "Kelly didn't want to get her pretty little hands dirty," Rob says, which is interestingly not exactly the problem -- it was more that she didn't want to do it until she saw that it wasn't hard, and then she wanted a turn. ["Which is even worse. If you're going to be a princess, be a princess a hundred percent." -- Sars] "My girl got in there and got the job done," he says firmly. He doesn't need to bitch about Kelly, really, but I never fault a guy who has nothing but happy things to say about his fiancée. And in the back seat, Amber does look mighty pleased.

Uchenna and Joyce watch as a bunch of...gazelles?...crosses the road in front of them. "Talk about grace," he says admiringly. Oh, and Meredith and Gretchen are indeed beginning to wonder if they're lost. In other karmic news, Lynn and Alex, the Boyfriends Of Bitching About Old People And Wishing Them Ill, find that their car spontaneously conks out while they're driving. I sort envision some hose under the hood being like, "This one is for Meredith and Gretchen!" and popping a hole in itself, all civil-disobedience and stuff. They get out and assess the situation. And by "assess the situation," I mean "look around a lot and complain." So now, they have to hang out and wait for a replacement car. Loitering follows.

Commercials. Sorry, but the goddess in me is not revealed through razors, even if they are named "Venus."

When we come back, Lynn and Alex are still standing around. But their replacement car is on the way, so they hop in and go. Back at the Detour, Brian and Greg admire the foam on their cup of milk, comparing it to a cappuccino. Yes, yes. Hilarious. MOVE IT.

As Ron and Kelly and Rob and Amber drive, there is suddenly an elephant in the road. Amber gasps. "Check it out," Ron says to an elephant's fanny. Amber goes on about "oh, my God" and all of that, rather surprised to be just kind of driving along and running into, you know, elephants. Up ahead is the clue box, and Ron and Kelly are the first to reach it. It's a Roadblock. Phil explains that one team member has to drive through a "crocodile-infested river crossing." Man, I can't believe Phil missed the opportunity to do his Crocodile Hunter impression. He could have been like, "Nev-ah tawwwnt these," and then poked a crocodile in the head with an unbent clothes hanger. Anyway, after they cross the river, they'll continue to a place where there's sort of an obstacle course blocked with fallen logs. The Roadblocker will have to drag two logs out of the way by strapping them to the car and hauling them off. Ron and Rob take the Roadblock for their respective teams.

Ron drives through the water. Rob does the same. What's awesome is that when you do this, the water actually comes in through all the stuff in your dashboard. It's crazy, I tell you.

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