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Animal magnetism

And then we are back with Uchenna and Joyce, where we should spend as much time as possible, and happy music is playing, and they are thrilled to be staring at a bunch of zebras. They pull up to the Roadblock clue, and he takes it. Back in their car, he takes them through the water. As they get toward the other side, the car...stalls. He starts it again, through, and it eases up out of the river. Yikes.

Meredith and Gretchen pass some elephants on the way to the Roadblock. "Oh...boy," she says. Awww. "Well, I'm happy now; I got to see the elephant," she says. And I really do think they are feeling less pressure than anyone. They've had so much go wrong that they couldn't possibly feel bad about being eliminated at this point, so there's nothing to do but just sort of go on. They come up to the Roadblock, and he takes it. Following them are Lynn and Alex. They figure Alex really needs to take the Roadblock for the sake of balance, even though they sort of fear it might be driving-related. After they see the clue and are rather dismayed, they explain to us that Alex isn't great with stick shift, so they weren't sure what to make of his chances at this.

Back at goats. Brian and Greg are milking. They finish filling up their cup and get moving.

Ron and Kelly and Rob and Amber arrive at the Roadblock. They each pick a course to follow and remove the corresponding post from the ground. There is driving. Rob lashes a log to the front of the car. Ron does the same. Both of the women tell the boys to hurry up. The first sign of trouble for Ron and Kelly comes at the conclusion of the first log pull, when Kelly says, "Hurry, Ron, hurry, Ron," and Ron says, "Shut up. I'm doin' it as fast as I can." Ooooh, she is so going to tell somebody on him. Probably his mother.

Uchenna and Joyce approach the Roadblock area, and she tells him how they have to remove the post that marks the path they choose to clear. For whatever reason, though, when they get there, instead of pulling the post, they pull the ribbon off the post. Not clear exactly what the confusion was about there. The clue is pretty unambiguous, but I guess a brain freeze can happen to anyone.

Rob and Amber get to their second log, aware that they're now ahead of Ron and Kelly. Rob pulls the second log out of the way just as Ron is finishing the first one. Oh, and Kelly prays for God to make them get the logs out of the way faster. ("Kelly endures all things." -- 1 Kellyrinthians 13:7.)

Uchenna works on the first log. He finishes it, and they move on. Elsewhere, Meredith and Gretchen are admiring a gaggle of giraffes. "Oh, my gosh," she says. Hee. Exactly! That is exactly what you should say to a pile of giraffes, is "Oh, my gosh." I'd go so far as to say it's a rule, or it should be a rule.

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