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Animal magnetism

Brian and Greg are hoping that the Roadblock will be something "manly." Brian babbles about how the Detour was "sissy," with both options being the sort of thing that "little farmer ladies" do. Yeah. Little farmer ladies in Botswana are nowhere near as tough as you, dude. You're getting a pass this time, but don't do that.

Rob notes that the road to the pit stop is a little "scary." They see a giraffe along the road, and Rob thinks it has a monkey on its back (and not in the Matthew Perry/Billy Joel/Robert Downey, Jr. kind of way) until he notes that that's actually the giraffe's own tail. Oh, how the eye does fool you. They laugh delightedly, though, which is pretty cool. He may have a shitty attitude toward other people -- in fact, I'd say he often does -- but they're smart enough to have a good time. "I think we've seen every animal in Africa today," he giggles, and she agrees.

In the Ron and Kelly car, she looks at the camera and holds up one finger snottily. "Let this be a record that I didn't point out everything Ron did wrong today. Ron pointed out everything I did wrong today." ("Kelly does not brag." -- 1 Kellyrinthians 13:4.) I think she really did do that fairly spontaneously and not during a regular interview, because you can totally see what I assume is the sound guy's hand hanging on to the side of the car behind her, and they normally are so awesome about staying out of the way that I think they just didn't realize she was going to start bitching to the camera like that. Ron rolls his eyes in the front seat, quite understandably. It's an eye-rolling kind of situation. It's not every girl who could congratulate herself for being so generous and nonjudgmental right after she calls you a "piece of trash redneck."

Uchenna and Joyce pretty much lose their shit at the sight of an elephant, which, again, is precisely the way you should react. "Houston, we have an elephant!" he says with urgent happiness. (Houston: "Then, uh, you are far off track, because you should be looking at a space station.")

Roadblock. Meredith drags the second log and finishes the task. Lynn and Alex, elsewhere, get their new vehicle and hop in. "You're totally doing amazing," Lynn says, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. "Let's see if we can destroy this one." Heh.

Ron and Kelly, Rob and Amber. Both are nearing the pit stop, and Ron is explaining that they're hoping to make it a foot race, because they think they could beat Rob and Amber in a foot race. Hmm. I'm not thinking Kelly is speedy, but I could be wrong. Also, she's pouting, which is not going to help. Rob and Amber are out of their car first, and indeed, when Phil does his look-off-the-mat thing, he finds Rob and Amber. He welcomes them to the pit stop, and they win a trip to the Grassy Knoll Islands, where they will stay at the Jim Garrison Lodge. They hug happily. Ron and Kelly come in after them, and Kelly actually manages to bitch at Ron for pausing to shake hands with Rob, which she purports to be doing because she wants them to get their time on the mat as quickly as possible, but which is actually because (1) she hates Rob and Amber; and (2) she is in a mood to look for any possible thing she can think of to complain about. They're checked in as team number two, and Phil reminds them that they had a very close run for first. Ron interviews that the two of them have just started to bicker, and Kelly interviews that they're arguing way too much, so she's focusing on God. Or something. And hoping that helps with the relationship. Good luck with that.

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