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Uchenna and Joyce are the third team to arrive. However, they didn't do the Roadblock right, and they have to go back. As they head back, he comments, "That could be costly."

Commercials. Man, if you're not watching Survivor, I have to say, it's almost worth it right now, what with the pathos and everything.

When we return, Uchenna and Joyce are rereading the clue and figuring out that they took the ribbon, and they were supposed to take the post. And Joyce prays for a blessing from God, which I still don't approve of, but she has many other nice qualities, so, whatever. It's kind of ironic that in that context, I would assume the right to grant indulgences, but there you go.

Meredith and Gretchen haul away the second log. Alex grabs the post. They then back up to get to the log, and my favorite part is where Alex stalls right as they get to where Lynn thinks they should be, so Lynn says, "We're stalled, that's perfect." Snerk. They move the first log.

Brian and Greg get to the Roadblock, and Greg takes it. Sigh.

Uchenna and Joyce go back and fetch their marker post, and then they head back for the pit stop. Fortunately, they know how to get there. Meredith and Gretchen complete the task, but we are given a careful shot of them driving right by the clue that's hanging from the branch at the end of the course. It certainly is the week of not making sure you've given yourself a global understanding of the instructions before you start. It's like getting to step seven of the chicken recipe you're making for dinner for the people who will be on your doorstep in twenty minutes and realizing that the recipe says, "Refrigerate overnight." ("Mom, how much time in the freezer do you think equals 'refrigerate overnight'?")

Uchenna and Joyce check in again. And now, they are really team number three. "Afri-caaaa!" Uchenna proclaims loudly. Heh.

Meredith and Gretchen pull into the pit stop, surprised to suddenly find themselves there, apparently by just following markers. When they realize that they're at the end and they never got a clue, he wonders if he missed it, and she bets that he did. Nonetheless, they get out of the car and head up to the mat. Phil tells them that they're the fourth team to arrive, but that they have to go back and get their clue. They turn back. "Oh, for God's sake," she says. "Don't be angry," he says, and she tells him she's not. Again, they do a pretty good job not fighting in these situations. Like I said, I think the lack of pressure serves them well.

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