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6:22 AM. Giving proper love to the Game Show Network, Brian rips open their clue with a hearty "Big bucks, big bucks, no whammies." Hee. I'm not sure when I reached the point of being able to entirely forgive him for the fact that he has a stupid bandanna tied around his head at all times, but I'm kind of over it. It's shocking, given that it's sort of one of my signature gripes. Maybe some part of me knows that if I could see his hair, it would all be so much worse. Greg says that they really think all the teams are strong at this point, but they've got Meredith and Gretchen not far ahead of them, so they'd love to successfully knock off the old people today. As they drive, Brian comments on the "fresh tracks" in front of them. "I see the dirt hasn't been settled very long," he says seriously. "The old wise bushman from the other day taught me to read tracks." Snerk. They admire the sunrise and comment on all the sunrises they've seen together. "Yeah," Greg says. "We should be dating." Well, yes. Yes, you should. Oh, you meant each other? Huh. I was thinking of...something else.

Ron and Kelly reach the sign that says that Maun is to the left and Nata is to the right. Kelly tells him to go left, toward Maun. He forgets why that is, and she tightly says, "I read it to you earlier." ("Kelly is patient." -- 1 Kellyrinthians 13:4.) He hesitates about following the route markers, and then before you know it, they're driving along, and she's asking him whether she's "gotten on [his] nerves a lot." Oh, that's really smart, not. "Naw, not at all," he says unconvincingly. And then he looks around with this awesome little smile like, "I can't see her back there -- is she buying?" ["I would comment on this, but I'm too busy making a homemade 'Free Ron' t-shirt with a Sharpie." -- Sars]

Rob mentions that it's a "pretty nice day here in Africa." Amber agrees, as she is wont to do. "It's only about 140 degrees today," he adds, as an ostrich jogs along the road ahead of them. "Get outta he-ah," he says with surprise, giving a little ostrich-chasing honk. "This is crazy," Amber laughs as she looks at what are actually several ostriches frolicking along the road. She compares this favorably to your average animal crossing, with its deer and so forth. She tells us in an interview that going on an African safari was one of the things she has always wanted to do, so this was an awesome opportunity. Of course, she was likely envisioning an African safari where she would be competing against animals for a million dollars or something, but this will have to do. "We're just trying to keep it all in our heads and remember everything, 'cause we're just so lucky," he says. "We're the two luckiest people in the world," she comments simply. (Somewhere, Lex cracks a molar while grinding his teeth.)

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