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Animal magnetism

Uchenna and Joyce turn toward Maun. Lynn and Alex, just behind them, notice that Uchenna and Joyce are going a little slowly, and they decide to pass. They beep-beep and wave as they go by, which is like gloating, only more passive-aggressive. Uchenna and Joyce comment on their unhappiness at being passed. Up ahead, Lynn is enthralled by the appearance in the road of a bunch of cows. As it happens, the cows part as he approaches. Wow. Maybe that's his superpower. Wouldn't that suck if you turned out to have a totally unmarketable talent, like parting a sea of cows with your mind? Anyway, Lynn doesn't seem to mind. "Oh, thank you, cow-cow," he says with affection, sure that they are stepping aside because he stopped to help Brian and Greg when their car flipped, unlike you-know-who. "It's weird when there are animals ker-rossing the road," Lynn says emphatically. Uchenna and Joyce have to honk a bit more to clear out one particularly stubborn errant cow, but they get through as well.

Meredith and Gretchen come up to a structure along the road, and she wonders aloud whether it's the water tower. But when they drive in and look around, they see no clue box anywhere. Then Gretchen checks the clue and notes that they have to drive through Maun first, so this can't possibly be the water tower yet. They continue on, and they see the sign for Maun and get going.

Just behind them, Brian and Greg also see the same thing by the side of the road. Or perhaps a different thing, but equally distracting in that it tempts them with the siren song: "I may be a waaaater tower."

Up ahead, Ron and Kelly take a dunk through a giant puddle of water. They are at the water tower, so they park their car and get out. The clue is for this week's Detour, which Phil explains offers a choice between Carry It and Milk It. In Carry It, each team member has to carry three different items on his head about 70 yards. And no hands, you cheaters! As if anyone didn't get that part. (I know -- if they didn't give specific instructions, Rob would be like, "Can I hold Amber's with my hands, and she can hold mine with her hands, and then neither of us would be touching our own blah blah blah," and the show would need to travel with a panel of legal scholars, and the forums would get 300,000 posts a week, and I would have to quit my job. Anyway.) In Milk It, the team has to corral a goat or several and then squeeze out enough milk to fill a cup. Phil promises that milking goats isn't as easy as it seems like it would be. It's really sad, because I only have the one goat joke, and if I tell you here that milking goats is hard because all of a sudden, they may spit out a tin can and a shoe and hit you in the eye, you'd be like, "Hmm, I've heard that before." It's like goats eating trash is my "congressional filibuster."

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