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Animal magnetism

Ron and Kelly head for the goats initially, but they sort of run into the Carry It option on the way there, and Ron doesn't think it looks that bad. The first thing they do is put on a little donut on top of your head to make it easier to carry stuff. They choose to start with what's probably the hardest item, which is a bucket of water. Kelly immediately says it's going to be awfully hard to walk with the water on her head. "Stick it on your head and walk; you're the ballet girl," he says to her. She repeats that she can't do it; he repeats that from ballet, she should know how to do this. "I don't balance buckets on my head and do pirouettes," she snaps. ("Kelly is not provoked." -- 1 Kellyrinthians 13:5.) Ron says that if they're going to go for the goats, then they need to decide, so she announces that yes, she can't do the water, so they're switching. "Miss Ballet can't balance the bucket," he mutters.

Rob and Amber approach the Detour clue box and note that there's another team ahead of them. They rip the clue and are both inclined to do the goats. "This should be very amusing," Amber adds. I'm not sure the goats will feel the same way.

Back at what is definitely not the water tower, Brian and Greg get out of their car. When they don't see a clue, Brian theorizes that perhaps they have to climb it. So he starts to climb up the side. Oy. Then they read it again and see that it says the clue will be under the water tower. So...yeah, not so much with the climbing. Brian starts back down, muttering, "I'm climbing the water tower...for no reason." They agree that they're "idiots," and obviously aren't sure what to do. Sniff.

Commercials. Locusts! Oh, I'll make time.

Brian and Greg are still staring at the water tower when we return, but they decide that it has to be the wrong one, because they just don't see a clue. They get in their car. And now, they finally look at the clue again and finally see that they have to pass through Maun. They make the left toward Maun. Yikes.

Ron and Kelly grab a few goats, and the camera guys grab a few extra shots of Kelly's cleavage as they wrestle for control. (As Ron and Kelly wrestle for control with the goats. You people are so tacky.) They see Rob and Amber arriving, and Kelly frets about how they lost time. "If we make a decision at the beginning, we need to stick with it," she complains, focusing on the part where Ron got it in his head to do the balancing, rather than the part where she bailed on said balancing. ("Kelly does not take into account a wrong suffered." -- 1 Kellyrinthians 13:5.) Ron has noticed this, and points out that if she could balance the bucket, they wouldn't be in this situation at all. Man, this is exactly like bombing downtown Baghdad.

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