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Animal magnetism

Rob and Amber get the impression that the goats look tough, so he says, "Let's go do the oth-ah thing." They head toward the carrying. She immediately takes to it, and Rob praises her, but he can't keep up with her. Interestingly enough, he specifically has taken his hat off to do this, and the EEFPs noticed that in all likelihood, he'd be better off with it on. Ultimately, as he struggles, she says simply, "If you can't do it, tell me right now." "Yeah," he says, putting down the corn and cutting his losses. "We think we can do the goats a little bit better," Amber says diplomatically as they run in that direction. They haul goats from the pen, as Rob says to one of them, "Watch your horn, buddy." Heh. Rob and the goat are buddies. It seems oddly appropriate.

Ron snipes to Kelly that the carrying would really be faster, but she repeats that she wasn't able to do it. Rob and Amber, meanwhile, get started on their goats.

Lynn and Alex are talking about their car, and whether you'd need one in L.A., and I'm rapidly losing interest in this conversation from what started as a fairly low level of interest in the first place. Uchenna and Joyce admire the roadside ostriches. Gretchen cautions Meredith not to hit any animals. Brian and Greg lament how badly they're doing. I have a feeling the boys spent a lot of time at that "water tower" that wasn't.

Up at the Detour, hillbilly music accompanies the ongoing attempts at milking. A goat complains relatively affably, all things considered, and Ron replies, "I got your nipple in a noose." I involuntarily flinch on behalf of my people, much as men involuntarily flinch when a soccer player takes a penalty kick directly to the wonderfulness. Rob, on the other hand, thinks that one of their goats is becoming jealous that "he" hasn't been milked yet. I'm no farm girl, and I don't want a bunch of emails, but I really don't think it's a "he," Rob. Amber calls their current goat "he" also.

Lynn and Alex and Uchenna and Joyce, closely followed by Meredith and Gretchen, hit the Detour clue box. The boys and retirees go with the milking; Uchenna and Joyce go with the carrying. Ron and Kelly are still milking their goats, and -- there are Kelly's boobs again! ("Kelly does not act unbecomingly." -- 1 Kellyrinthians 13:5.) Amber continues milking, and Rob wonders, "This is the best teat so far." Oh, teat jokes. How you do materialize with almost no effort. As Lynn and Alex arrive, Lynn looks over at Rob and Amber, makes a loud "baa" sound, and claps his hands several times. I thought it was fairly obvious that he was trying to see if he could fuck them up and scare their goats or whatever, so I certainly hope not to see too much moralizing from him in the future. One can imagine how he would react to similar treatment from Rob. When Lynn and Alex see that Rob and Amber are still there and have presumably been around for a while, they decide to go and try Carry It. As they run off, having made their noisy presence known, Rob can only shake his head. Me too.

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