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How Do We Know We Aren't Going To Get Shot?

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Antebellum? I hardly even know 'em!

In other words, I think it's not quite the brilliant maneuver it looks like.

Wally finishes the Bransen Roadblock, so he has officially survived it, anyway. They leave for Middleburg.

Traffic jam for Paolos and Bransens.

Weavers hit the Roadblock, and Brittney takes it. She gets their clue and heads back. They leave.

The Godlewskis are in Middleburg, so now they're just looking for Welbourne Manor. Weavers are there as well. Prepare yourselves, people of Middleburg, Virginia, for you are about to be invaded by a wall of sound. They see a big sign, but the Weavers ultimately get there first. Phil explains that the clue they pull leads to the week's Detour. Your choices are Heat Of The Battle and Heat Of The Night. In Battle, you and your team go into the middle of a Civil War reenactment and carry five "dead" "soldiers" off on a stretcher. In Night, you and your team roll a barrel of oil to a station where you fill 20 oil lamps. Then you take the lamps to a table and light all 20. In either event, once they're done, they'll get a flag (since this is the season of flag-carrying flag-liking flag-lovers), which they'll run with to the pit stop.

Weavers hunt around for the Detour options as the Gabbleskis grab their clue and pick Battle. The pinks head out into battle with their stretcher as the cannons and gunfire begin. My goodness, this certainly is all very dramatic. The locals always clearly want to shoot at the teams, but they usually don't actually do it with cannons and stuff. The Weavers are sort of wandering around, but they do find their way to the staging area. The pinks, meanwhile, pick up their first guy. Mama Weaver doesn't think the five soldiers sound like a great option for her somewhat wussy team, so they choose the lamps, because this way, she can get rolled over by the barrel of oil. Just kidding! They start filling lamps, caring very little about the fact that they're dumping large quantities of oil onto the ground. I'm sure the groundwater doesn't mind. Lamp oil tastes like Dr. Pepper. The pinks carry their first soldier.

The Linzes are next to the Detour, so apparently, whatever they did was indeed less dumb than what other people did. They choose the soldiers. The pinks and Linzes carry; the Weavers fill lamps. The Weavers finish filling and move on to lighting their lamps. The Schroeders, Bransens, and Aiellos hit the Detour, and the Schroeders take the lamps while the Bransens and Aiellos take the soldiers. I think you can almost always get people to do five of anything over 20 of anything. The mind plays tricks on people.

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