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At any rate, the Linzes talk about needing to make up time, and they drive off.

The Gaghans spot the giant shoe and the flag on top. The shoe does not look like it would be very comfortable if you were a giant and you tried to wear it. Although your toes would be nicely aerated by the windows. They stop, and Bill hops out, ignoring Carissa's insistence that she could do it, probably because they're stopping along what appears to be a pretty busy highway. I think they're stopped right on the big road rather than pulling onto the small road, so Bill just runs the rest of the way. He runs to the top of the shoe and pulls out the clue. Back in the car, he reads the family the clue, which tells them to drive to Washington, D.C. Phil says it's 110 miles to Washington from where they are, and that they have to find the reflecting pool in front of the U.S. Capitol. That's "Capitol," the building, not "capital," the city. A critical distinction, as it turns out. At the reflecting pool, they'll find the clue box. Papa Gaghan directs Tammy to get back on 30 West to 83 South.

Interestingly enough, the next team to the big shoe is the Schroeders. One point for Mark's shortcut, I guess. Stassi runs up and gets the clue. As the Godlewskis arrive and get the clue as well, the Schroeders head for 30 West. Tricia Godlewski also says "30 West." The Weavers arrive at the shoe and collect their clue. Back in the car, Rebecca wonders, "Where's Washington, D.C.?" I believe it's Rachel who adds the wonderful line, "What state is that in? Washington?" "We're going to Maryland," Mama Weaver declares, saying the first spatially sensible thing since they opened the clue. This episode is brought to you by the number 30 and the direction "West," and a lot of really depressed geography teachers.

Team Rogers gets to the shoe house. Brock fetches the clue. When he's back in the car, Brock and his father swap places so that Brock is driving. Denny, while he starts out saying, "I'm the navigator," wants to know whether Brock was paying attention to how they got here, and Brock says he was. And then Papa Rogers says, "30 East," declaring that to be the way to 83 South. Now, if you Mapquest yourself a look at Shoehouse Road and Route 30, you'll see that there's nothing particularly confusing about where they're situated with regard to 83 South. He's just mixing up his east and his west, it would appear, because Shoehouse Road is unequivocally east, by a few miles, of 83 South. He's just plain wrong.

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