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Antebellum? I hardly even know 'em!

The Amazing a road atlas. I want to cry. Anyway, Phil explains that all the teams are now on their way to D.C. Then: reflecting pool.

The Gaghans get to D.C., and they're focused on the pool that's "by the Lincoln Memorial." Noooo! Wrong pool! They park, and they look, but...yeah. Not going to happen. The Schroeders proceed to do exactly the same thing, and the teams run into each other and then separate. The Gadzookskis get into town, though, and they holler while heading for the U.S. Capitol. See, this is what happens if you read your clue. The Weavers run into a guy they ask for directions, and he clarifies that there are two reflecting pools, but when he says they're right by the one for the Capitol and can park, they squeal (of course) and hop out. And the Weavers are, in return for being the first team to actually read the clue and find the correct reflecting pool, the first to the clue box. The Godlewskis are close behind. Earplugs, people. Put them in. When the Weavers open the clue, it tells them to find a limousine parked on Third Street and collect a briefcase from "an unseen contact." It's some kind of Washington thing, in which case they shouldn't be receiving briefcases of information; they should be giving out briefcases of money they got from TRMPAC. Then, they'll take the briefcase to the Tidal Basin, where they'll get another clue. The Weavers find the limo, and a guy hands them a briefcase. They take off. The Godlewskis do the same.

Gaghans. Searching, searching. Schroeders. Searching, searching. But Mark stops a guy pretty quickly and says, "This is the only reflecting pool in Washington, D.C., correct?" The guy says that there's one at the U.S. Capitol. As the Schroeders peel out, they pass the Gaghans again, and Char directs the family to act like they have no idea what's going on, which they do. It's exactly what I would do -- I wouldn't help anybody, I don't think. Although I do have a weakness for assisting lost moppets.

Mama Paolo is concerned about the gas situation. Indeed, the needle is very close to the "E." DJ insists that they're good to get where they're going. They find the reflecting pool in third place. Ew. They find the limo, and as Mama continues to tell them they really need to take care of the gas situation, they continue to ignore her. Incidentally, it's somewhere along here that you learn that Papa yells just as much and as loudly as the rest of them. I'm not sure whether I'm relieved that they're all in it together or sad that there's not even one person to feel bad for.

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