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Team Bransen has also brought itself to the wrong reflecting pool. The Tonyas want to jog around and look, but it appears that their father wants to...walk around and look, a little bit more. The Aiellos are at the wrong reflecting pool, too. But almost immediately, they take a look at a local map, and they figure out the error, so it presumably cost them very little time. I think it must have at least occurred to them that this didn't precisely match the clue.

The Gaghans finish a lap around the wrong reflecting pool. This is the part where you reread the clue. Because in cases where the clue doesn't imply that finding the clue should be tricky, it's usually kind of right there, so as soon as you don't find it within relatively easy range, you at least have to read the clue again. Gotta do it. But they apparently don't.

The Linzes picked the right pool by skillfully deploying the act of reading, so they're close. The redirected Schroeders are right with them, and actually get the clue just ahead of the Linzes. Both these teams get their briefcases and head back to their cars to go to the Tidal Basin. Aiellos get the clue and briefcase.

Those nutty, noisy Godlewskis are some formidable racers, y'all, and they wind up being first at the Tidal Basin, where they pull a clue leading to this week's Roadblock. In the Roadblock, you basically...well, there are a bunch of people walking around with briefcases, and you go up to all of them and say, "The sky is blue," and you wait for one of them to say, "The sea is green," at which point they will trade you their briefcase for yours. Lame, lame. It's supposed to make you think of spies and stuff, but if this is the most spy-inspired Roadblock they could come up with, it again is a weak showing. Phil also doesn't state any limit on the number of Roadblocks any person can do, so I have no idea whether the limit is in place here or not. Sharon takes the briefcase and sets off. Right after she unsuccessfully approaches her first "spy," another flood warning starts here in the Twin Cities with a hearty "bleeeep." For a split second, Trash and M. Giant and I all think one of the pinks dropped a big swear word, and we really wish she had. We're a little sad when it just turns out that it's just more flash flooding. Sharon keeps looking.

The Weavers are all shrieking at Rebecca about the driving on the way to the Tidal Basin, and if they really hate her driving this much, you'd think someone else would take over, at least for a while. ["I nominate Rolly." -- Sars]

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