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The agony of non-defeat

At the Yield marker (the second of only two), the Linzes do the expected and Yield the Weavers. Tommy explains that the reason they're doing this is that the Weavers are behind them, and they really want the first-place finish, so this will give them a bigger margin. As I've said a billion times, this is not how to best use a Yield if your objective is to stay in the game, but the way they're using it is consistent with what they're saying they want and with the information they have (they don't know about the scenic loop yet, obviously). On the other hand, their real reason for using it is powerful dislike of the Weavers, so while they turned out to do the right thing, they did it for a lot of questionable reasons. They certainly would have Yielded the Weavers no matter where the Weavers were in the sequence when they got to the mat. Anyway, once they get past the Yield, the clue is for a Roadblock, and it requires someone to put on skis and take a 60-foot ramp to the bottom to do a ski jump into a pool. When the jump is done, you get your clue. Nick runs off to do the jump, with Tommy fast-talking about how Nick is such a show-off that he hopes Nick doesn't decide to get cute and kill himself doing a "360 triple-deke." Considering that Tommy seemed at times like he might drive the go-kart off onto the highway, he's hardly one to talk.

Second to arrive at Olympic Park are the Bransens. The Linzes cheer for Wally and the Tonyas as they approach the clue box. Among other things, the Bransens are happy to see that the Weavers aren't here, meaning that they're in second place themselves, and the Linzes are amused at the arrival of every team that isn't the hated "Florida." Nick prepares for his ski jump, and to his credit, he at least tries something – specifically, he does a bit of a back flip. But I say "a bit" because he gets about three-quarters of the way around, meaning that he lands directly on his face. I mean, seriously. He lands on his face. His siblings, of course, laugh hysterically at this development. Despite the face-plant, Nick receives his clue, so apparently, your execution does not have to be graceful in order for the task to be completed. The clue Nick brings back tells them to get to the Salt Lake City library. No, seriously. They're going to the library. First the Great Wall of China, now? The library. As Phil gravely explains, the last team may be eliminated, even though there are currently only four teams and the finale isn't until December 13, three weeks from the night this episode airs. You decide what you think is likely to happen.

The Gadzookskis get to Olympic Park, and the Linzes – on their way out – are thrilled to see them instead of the Weavers. Tommy yells triumphantly to the pinks that the Weavers are Yielded, and that they're still not on the scene. The pinks are glad to hear it, especially since it means they're not last. With this, the Linzes are on their way.

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