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The agony of non-defeat

6:06 AM. Weavers. I throw popcorn at the TV. Rebecca interviews that coming into the race, they knew that everyone wouldn't be their friends, but they didn't figure everyone would hate them quite this much, either. Rachel adds, "The world we live in is obviously not loving and kind, so I think we're just sticking out because we're not as, you know, crude." "It's just so against our beliefs," Mama stresses. "To keep being treated so rudely." Let's see...would that be rudely like throwing trash out windows? Rudely like being loud on a bus when other people need sleep? Rudely like trying to get another team delayed by a tour guide? Rudely like snapping at people for perfectly normal spirited competition? Or would that be rudely like ridiculing garbagemen and talking about how women you dislike have fake boobs? I'm just wondering what kind of rude treatment is against your beliefs, and I'd also like to come back to the "not as, you know, crude" thing with regard to the boobs and whatnot, but I suppose we can save it for later.

Meanwhile, in the Linz car, Nick notes how they always seem to say something about their lead that then turns around and bites them in the ass. Perhaps they'll stop doing that, then. The Gadzookskis put gas in their car. The Weavers spew hot air in their car. Bickering sets in over on Team Goodlookski as they pull out of the gas station and Christine does one too many checks with the group about getting on 98 East. I think Michelle and Tricia could do with a little less consulting and a little more resting time.

6:27 AM. Bransens. Wally starts off his off-the-mat talk this week about how you can slack off more when there are more teams, but now it's pretty much just the good teams (and him, and the Weavers), so things are tight right now. "We're going to try to just be more aggressive," he says. I'm sure what he meant to say is that the Tonyas will try to be more aggressive and he will still be impossibly, depressingly slow. They head for Utah.

As the Linzes drive, they pass a sign that says, "Monument Valley Visitor Center." When they're by it, Tommy asks what the sign said. Nick: "It just said…" He realizes he doesn't know. "Said what?" Tommy asks. "I don't know," Nick finally admits. Yeah, I was kind of wondering where he was going with that. He seemed a little bit panicky, like he was going to sputter, " said 'Don't Turn Here, No Sirree.'" He asks if he should turn around, but Alex maintains that since they haven't passed any roads since the sign, there's no reason to turn around. Behind them, the Weavers are all excited about discovering that they're ahead of the Gadzookskis. The Gadzookskis are not as happy to find that they are behind the Weavers.

The Linzes stop, and Nick asks some guys for directions to John Ford's Point. He directs them to turn back and then take a left. Nick blames himself as he drives off. The Weavers and Godlewskis then proceed to miss the same turn that Nick missed. Christine gets out to "help" Sharon turn the enormous Yukon/trailer rig around. When the Weavers see the Gadzookskis turn around, they decide they should, too, and the short version is that Christine is a really bad director, while Mama Weaver isn't the least bit concerned about directing her daughter to drive right off the road and drive all over the protected desert, so the Weavers get turned around faster. The natural wonder of the state of Utah groans for the first time at the magnitude of the Weavers' abuse.

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