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The agony of non-defeat

The Linzes arrive at Gemini Bridges and pull the clue, which turns out to be the Detour. It offers Drop Down and Ride Down. In Ride Down, you ride bikes six miles into the canyon, while in Drop Down, you do a 270-foot rappel one team member at a time. The Linzes are dropping. They arrive at the edge of the cliff and suit up for the rappel. Tommy starts down the cliff. "If we lose a teammate it's going to be him," Nick comments. He then waits an admirably well-calculated beat before adding, "And we'll turn around and do the bikes." Tee hee. Nick has been funnier since he and Alex switched bodies.

In the Weaver car, Rolly says, "I've never heard one thing about Utah." Keep in mind, the kid is fourteen years old. "I have," Mama pipes up. "Mormons live here." (Miss Alli's Mom: "'And I think the Great Lakes are here, too.'") Mama continues, "Utah is the Mormon State." Rachel actually gasps, and then she says, "No wonder." First of all, HATE!, and second of all, how terrifying is it that the kids in this car are 14, 16, and 19, and it's clear that none of them has ever heard the connection between Utah and Mormons? Do they read? Anything? Other than religious publications? Cree. Pee. They get to Gemini Bridges and pull the Detour clue. They conclude that Rachel can't do the rappel (making that apparently one of many things Rachel can't do, including but not limited to the processing of alternative views), so they head for the bikes. They ride off, and the inability of the show to get the rights to the Wicked Witch's bike theme for right here is just so tragic. You'll have to hum it for yourself.

Megan Linz enjoys her rappel. She and her brothers continue down. The Weavers bike. Rebecca, falling off her bike: "This is the dumbest thing I've done in my life." She really needs not to be so hard on herself, because that's not even the dumbest thing she's done today that has been shown on television. Rolly proclaims that they're not going to be able to ride the bikes because of pokey Rebecca. Drama! Drama!

Commercials. OnStar will save your damn life. Don't you think it won't. I mean, you can get something else if you want to die of a heart attack face-down in a snowdrift with your keys locked in your car while you're out of gas and washer fluid, but don't say I didn't warn you.

When we come back, Mama tells Rebecca that the reason Rebecca can't ride the bike is that she has it in the totally wrong gear. Oops. Elsewhere, the Linzes are still rappelling. As for the Bransens, they finally get to the Detour, with Wally telling the girls to slow down (DRINK!), and when they read the clue, one of the Tonyas immediately says, "Rappel. I hate bikes." Beth asks Wally if it's okay, and Wally is very hesitant, but he ultimately agrees. I think Wally prefers the tasks where you stay close to the ground, but he wants the Tonyas to be able to rappel, and that's admirable. They start their rappel just as the Linzes are finishing theirs.

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