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The agony of non-defeat

As the Linzes leave town, they pass the Weavers coming the other direction. The Weavers, for no particular reason I can think of, decide to duck down so the Linzes can't see them...or something...but the Linzes are quite aware of what's going on. They see you when you're sleeping, they know when you're awake...they're like Santa in that sense, which means that for the Weavers, according to the transitive property, they're kind of like God. Interesting. Didn't think that was going to come out there, did you? The Bransens are entering town as well.

The Weavers get to Bart's house. They think Bart is awesome, but you can tell Bart immediately hates them and wishes he could eat them. He doesn't, for insurance reasons. When the Weavers get the clue and find out that there's a Yield coming, they're not happy at all and agree that they'll have to really hurry to avoid being Yielded. As they look at the map in the car, Rebecca announces that 40 North will take them "too high up," so they shouldn't take that route. Instead, they decide to take something called "92," which isn't even particularly easy to find on a map, as the EEFPs found out. Once they're on this little winding road, Rolly notices some bikers, and he declares out the window, "You wish you were Lance Armstrong!" I'm sort of...out of things to say about how rude they are, but I'd point out that this is much more actively awful to strangers than most people have been in the history of the entire show. What did those bikers do to Rolly, exactly? Is this against Mama's beliefs? Why isn't she telling him to cram it?

The Bransens find their way to Bart. They get their clue and take 40 North. Go figure. The interstate! It's like they built special roads just to help you drive from one place to another in a hurry! The Godlewskis find Bart next, and they get their clue as well. Getting on 40 North! And bickering along the way! Gabble gabble gabble!

The Linzes arrive at the Olympic park. The Weavers, on the other hand, have watched as 92 turned into a "scenic loop." And she's not kidding. It's actually called a Scenic Loop, as, again, the forum posters could have told you. What's more, they aren't able to turn around once they're in the loop because it's a narrow road and they have a giant trailer behind them. Rachel – the one who whined about the route in the first place – says, "We should have just taken the highway back to the interstate." "Yeah, we should've, but we didn't," Mama says. "Now we have to go sit through a Yield," Rachel pouts. Yeah, you probably do, smarty.

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