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The Amazing Red Line makes a valedictory jaunt across the Pacific from Shanghai to San Francisco. But then we rewind a bit. While the plane was high in the air at some point, Dan got a brainwave: "Maybe we can move up to first class." Jordan loves the idea. There's no rule against this; as long as they only pay for economy class, they can sit wherever the cabin crew is willing to let them sit. It probably helps that the cameras are turned off for the transition, because changing seats in the confined space of an airplane is enough of a nightmare without a cumbersome film crew capturing the whole thing. We just see the other teams asleep, and then brothers gloating in their roomy new seats. "We will be one of the first if not the first out," Dan says. This is also not the moment that determines the outcome of the race.

Here's some B-roll of San Francisco, and the plane touches down at the airport. As everyone waits to disembark, Cord says, "It's on like Donkey Kong." Dan and Jordan are indeed the first off the plane, and Brent is left back in steerage wondering, "Is there any way we can cut through?" The Cowboys chuckle at the silly sasquatch. The brothers get in a cab to the Presidio and are on their way while the models are still in the terminal and the Cowboys are just getting off the plane. "That was huger than huge," Dan says. It was a genius move, and now everybody's going to be trying it for every leg of every Amazing Race until the end of time, making it harder for me to do it. Thanks, Dan and Jordan. Good thing I like my exit rows just fine.

Brent and Caite get a cab, followed by the Cowboys. "As usual," Cord remarks. Soon Dan and Jordan are in the Presidio, specifically Langdon Court, specifically Battery Godfrey. The clue in the box, if you can believe this, is an actual riddle: "I was built in 1933. I'm 210 feet tall. My insides are lined with murals painted by 26 different artists. What am I?" I'd say Brent, but he looks too young. Phil tells us that this refers to Coit Tower, and the camera swoops over the city to show it off. "Located at the top of Telegraph Hill and offering a 360-degree view of the city, this historic structure is where they'll find their next clue." Dan and Jordan return to their cab and show the clue to the driver. The driver is like, "Long pause."

Brent and Caite are also at the Presidio, but they're making the unhappy discovery that their driver doesn't seem to know where he's going, or indeed very much English at all. Meanwhile, the Cowboys' driver tells them, with exquisite lack of precision, "Almost somewhere near here." "That sounds like my whole life," Cord says.

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