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Cord and Brent are racing to transcribe their clues, and seem to figure out that their next destination is Tonga at about the same time, although Jet and Cord are running out slightly in front. As they run back out across the campus, a tiny dog with too much leash nearly attacks them. They run on past rather than throwing it down and hogtying it. Both teams are in cabs, Cord saying, "Man, Jet, I cannot believe I couldn't figure that out." And in considerably more embarrassing news, Caite asks Brent in their cab, "Where's our money and stuff?" Brent says, "You had it!" Caite tells their driver to turn around, and Brent flips out. As he should. Who forgets their Amazing Purse in the final leg? People who shouldn't be in the final leg to begin with, that's who.

The brothers' carrying hands are getting tired, so they pause at a street corner to swap ends. They also swap the gloves they've been using to protect their hands. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are at Tonga, and are soon carrying their trunk down the street toward a cabbie from whom they hope to get directions. Up ahead, the brothers are wondering how much further Polk is. The Cowboys learn that they're going to the corner of O'Farrell and Polk. Dan and Jordan are struggling with the trunk as the Cowboys run full-out with theirs, somewhere behind them. They'd probably be catching up if they hadn't biffed the Star Wars task.

Finally we're at the Great American Music Hall, and the marquee outside reads "The Mother Hips." Jet and Cord are still running down the street with their trunk, not bothering with rests or gloves or even complaining. In fact, they even have energy to keep up their senses of humor, Cord telling one woman as they dash through a crosswalk, "Excuse me, ma'am, we got kicked out." That's hilarious. Inside the hall, a band that I assume is the Mother Hips is tearing it up onstage as Jordan reads their first-place clue in the wings: "Get yourselves in order." Over artificially aged Amazing B-roll of San Francisco, Phil explains how the city in the 1960s was "the heart of the psychedelic music scene, with rock shows almost every night at concert halls like this." Then Phil's in the wings in front of a giant rack of what looks like a dozen 60s-era concert posters, saying, "Now, to get their final clue of the race, teams must flash back to the Age of Aquarius." Well, not exactly. They'll just have to flash back to the last three weeks of their lives. It turns out that the steamer trunks contain copies of these posters. Eight of the posters display the names and faces of a different eliminated team in psychedelic style, while the others are identical copies of what represents non-elimination legs. All they have to do now is hang them up on the rack in the correct order. After which the roadie for the Mother Hips will give them the last clue. Assuming he's not off somewhere sparking a fattie, that is.

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