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The Couch Trip

Jet and Cord arrive at the Road Block in fifth place, and Cord volunteers to take this one. This will prove to be a mistake, as we'll see. For now, Cord figures he looks good in the sweep's gear. "I think I might have found a new calling already," he grins. Well, chimneys don't buck, at least. Up on the roof, he obviouses, "It's not my first day to use a rope." And indeed, the Road Block proves as easy for him as it was for everyone else.

The Globetrotters are getting close to the Pit Stop, but that big yellow house they just passed because they thought that wasn't it? That was it. Now they have to turn around, and Zev and Justin are "stumbling our way there," as Justin says. But then the first team to walk in the front door of the house is...Zev and Justin. "Phil!" Zev calls, like it's a dinner party. The middle-aged Austrian greeter who might well be Captain Von Trapp's granddaughter welcomes them to Salzburg, Austria, and Phil happily tells them they're team number one. They clearly weren't expecting that, and they yell louder than a shitload of Von Trapps. "What just happened!" Justin whoops. Phil tell them they've each won their own Ford Focus, which are apparently parked out back, because if you win a car the first thing you want to do is have it shipped across the Atlantic. They go out the French doors to check them out. There's red one and a yellow one, which makes them look like giant, four-wheeled ketchup and mustard bottles.

Flight Time and Big Easy arrive in second place, to Big Easy's visible disappointment. "You had a look on your face like you just wanted to give up the whole race," Phil says. Ooh, kind of a sore spot, there. "No, I just wanted first place today," Big Easy says good-naturedly.

Jen and Kisha? Lost, as usual. Vyxsin assures Kent that they're "freakishly close." Cord finishes the Road Block. Gary and Mallory arrive outside, and Mallory nominates Gary to do the Road Block. They spot the departing Cowboys on the way in and ask if they're last. "I don't know!" both Cowboys say a little too quickly, and Mallory looks pained when they admit, "We haven't seen nobody." Although that might be because of their grammar. Outside, the Cowboys try to find directions to Villa Trapp, but aren't confident about what they get.

Gary works on the Road Block. Kisha and Jen make a wrong turn and are told by a guide behind the villa, "This is forbidden." So that's pretty much how Kent and Vyxsin end up in third. They're thrilled, especially as Vyxsin interviews, "It is odd, that after a day of such hot-cold-hot-cold all day long with each other, this is the best we've ever done on the race. Maybe we just need to fight more?" Kent make an exhausted face like, "Just kill me now."

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