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All About the Melons

Despite being the last team to leave the yard store, Other Rachel and Dave are somehow the next team to reach the fruit market. In fact, we're going to see a lot of undocumented ranking changes during transit between tasks throughout this episode, but Team Undercover and Team Kentucky are right behind them. They all get to work. Bopper says this is his first time stacking watermelons, but there's a first time for everything and several of them comment on the heat. "It's hotter than new love, baby," Bopper says colorfully. Dave tosses Other Rachel a watermelon and, after catching it with her abdomen, she says, "I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to have babies after this." Soon they're all laying out the bases of their pyramids and it's not going as smoothly for the new arrivals as it is for Art ad JJ. Mark tosses Bopper a melon, but it goes high and bounces off his head. "Bust me right in the head with it, man," Bopper complains. Claire from TAR17 thinks, "Yeah, that must have sucked."

The second flight to AsunciĆ³n has landed with the other five teams. Brendon and Rachel are the first team to get a cab, so they're now in fifth place. Cousins Kerri and Stacy are in the sixth-place cab and twins Elliot and Andrew are close behind, with Huge-Tiny couple Ralph and Vanessa in eighth and Joey "Fitness" and Danny in last, which they aren't thrilled about. You'd think they'd be used to it. Up at the Detour, Mark snacks on a handful of pulp from a dropped melon, while Other Rachel tries to get Dave to take a drink of water. Dave reminds us he was in Iraq for a year (and thus needs none of your water!) and as we see them start to bicker about whether or not Dave is encouraging to Other Rachel, she interviews that they haven't spent this much time together in a long time. "When he comes down on me it doesn't make me want to do things." Yeah, they're not working well together at all. Maybe he should stop coming down on her and try a different verb.

Team Big Brother arrives at the yard store, and they're still searching when Kerri and Stacy slide in. They're still the next team to find a clue, though. Kerri and Stacy find their sixth-place clue with little difficulty and their cab cuts off some traffic as it pulls out to follow Team Big Brother's. Then the twins arrive, showing up just ahead of the last two teams. They find their clue in seventh place and Joey "Fitness" finds the eighth-place clue. Ralph and Vanessa get out of there in last place. "I love you. It's not over until we hit the mat," she says as they leave. And oftentimes not even then, if it's TAR19.

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