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At Plaza de la Democracia, Art has reached the climax of the dance routine, where he balances on his stomach with his chin, hands and feet hovering inches above the paving stones. The Roadblock completed, they get their next clue, which is directs them to the Pit Stop. Phil says that means traveling on foot to "this renowned monument at Escalinanta de Antiquera." It's a statue of an angel on a column at the top of a flight of white stone steps with Phil and the mat positioned on a landing about halfway up. The last team to check in may be eliminated. The Border Patrol agents get directions from the local cops and hike to the monument. They jog up the two flights of stairs from the street, which nearly wears them out. Alien smugglers, take note: if you're fleeing the Border Patrol, run uphill. It's the opposite of fleeing a bear. Phil's there in front of the mat, standing next to a local model in a short dress and an Angelina-like stance. She welcomes them to AsunciĆ³n. "Wow, you're really pretty," Art informs her. They're team number one and they share a big hug. They've won a trip to the Bahamas. Art says this was a perfect day. "We smoked everybody." JJ adds, "We really don't think that we should be anything but number one. Every day. We're just gonna win. That's it. We're just gonna win." Cool, I'll see you at the end of the season, then.

Across town is a small, dome-roofed auditorium. Elliot and Andrew, being the first team to have selected "Strung Out" as their choice of Detour, are the first to show up. But Bopper and Mark aren't far behind and Nary and Jamie aren't far behind them. Inside, a whole harp orchestra is plucking away at a jaunty tune. But there are also unstrung harps, with the strings attached at the bottom end and tangled in knots above. The racers will have to disentangle the strings before they can start threading them to the top of the harp. Elliot, the twin who is in a rock band, figures this won't be a problem. "If it's anything like stringing a guitar, I think I'll be all right." And if he's not, he might be screwed. I mean, the tuner heads look similar, but I've also strung guitars and yet I've never had to use the long narrow rod this task seems to require. And if I did, I'd be spending a lot more time driving back and forth to the guitar shop. Kerri and Stacy show up surprisingly quickly, saying, "This could be a game-changer." Somehow, despite being among the first to leave the watermelon task, Other Rachel and Dave get there after everyone else. They take one look at all the teams already there and decide to use the Express Pass, although now it's just to stay in the race rather to win the leg. Scary how quickly that happened. They swap it for the clue and soon they're off to Plaza de la Democracia, "Currently in 2nd place." Dave is all "I told you so," saying they should have used it right away. But this way they saw so much more of the city!

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