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Again, when Peter walks by the *wins and *lyns, he makes this comment about how he can tell them where the closest travel agency is. Lyn tells him to put up or shut up, basically, and Peter just leaves. When Peter has left, the *wins put their "brilliant" plan into effect, in which they use a fake cell phone to make other teams think they're calling to get tickets. Godwin says that his reason for doing this is to make other teams worried. On the fake phone, he asks for tickets to Chennai. He's very convincing, asking whether that's the fastest flight, and then stopping to take notes, and it's all really genuine. Which, of course, has the effect of making all the other teams sit up and think that they need to get in gear. As is always the case with this particular strategy, I just do not get it. Why would you intentionally do something that will primarily function to get other teams off their asses? Like, I get that fooling people is funny in its way, but this is totally counterproductive. Your best weapon against a guy like Peter is total complacency -- why would you interfere? Peter walks off to work on getting a phone for himself, and Godwin laughs hysterically at his own joke, but I'm not sure why he's not thinking "Uh-oh" instead. You're not going to think it's so funny when he goes out and gets a better flight than you have.

Peter immediately reports this development to the BQs, that the three allied teams all have tickets now. And then he goes and gets himself a cell phone, and he calls and lets someone know, at the very least, that he's coming to their agency and will be picking up tickets. It isn't clear whether he actually finds out very much about flights, but he at least gives some advance warning to the agency and makes sure that it still exists where he thinks it is. Elsewhere, Godwin laughs hysterically some more, still kind of... not getting it.

In Hanoi, the teams pile off the train. They all get into cabs headed for various travel and tourism agencies to try to get plane tickets. Tyler and James are still working with Rob and Kimberly, and they're all going to go to the same place for their tickets. Peter is almost immediately unhappy with the slow progress of his cab driver. I have a feeling that it's very hard to be a cab driver of whom Peter would approve, unless you have a Jetsons-style space car. And you have a "Se habla asshole" sticker on your window.

Dustin and Kandice are the first to get to a travel desk. They specifically ask the agent to help them before helping Sarah and Peter, and when Peter gets there, his first bellow is "Don't screw us." I'm not sure how that would be accomplished, but I'm sure Peter could think of something. The *lyns get themselves to a different agency. The A(AM!)s are at yet another place, followed by the Pointies. All the teams are doing basically the same thing, asking for the fastest possible way to Chennai. Unfortunately, Dave and Mary have been split from the *wins and *lyns, so they're having to find the agency they're looking for on their own. When Mary asks a local for the address, she learns that the agency is gone -- and it turns out that the *wins are currently finding out the same thing, having arrived at the agency's doors. Mary asks for another one of her addresses, and she coaxes a local into going with her. She tells him that he speaks excellent English and dresses well. It's like Mary is running a preschool for people from other countries, and this is the day she hands out merit badges. If she were less appealing, this would likely earn her a sock in the jaw. Mary finds an agent to help her.

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