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The Gloves Come Off

Nary hits her target just as Ralph and Vanessa arrive at the Rungu range and Jamie hits hers soon after. The undercover agents are happy to get their clue in fifth place. They're off and Ralph and Vanessa quickly start throwing some near misses. They're not going to be here long.

Art and JJ are just now finding out they've been going the wrong way to Simba-A camp and are not happy about it. At all. "We were in first place," JJ says miserably. "Now I think we're fighting for our life." But hey, on the bright side at least Brendon and Rachel aren't following you anymore!

Ralph and Vanessa are taking turns and she hits her rabbit first, just like Ralph told her to. She tells Ralph to slow down and aim and, after a brief bout of frustration, he eventually hits one. Now it's the fun bike ride back up, and she gives it a half-ass try (which is more than was warranted, probably) before telling Ralph she's walking again. "I'm not gonna kill myself over this." Ralph points out that they're going to fall way behind. "Please don't be mean to me," Vanessa says. I don't know if that was mean, but it was certainly unnecessary.

Brendon and Rachel and then Bopper and Mark show up at Simba-A camp while Other Rachel and Dave are getting started with the process of putting together the metal frame of their tent. Other Rachel observes that other teams are showing up and Dave grumps, "I realize that." "Be nice!" Rachel snaps. Off to a great start. The other two teams start unloading big stuff first. "I'm no African safari bushmaster, but I've camped before," Rachel says, dumping a long, canvas-covered cylinder onto Brendon. "Be careful, it's heavy," she calls down to his freshly pulped corpse. Soon there are three teams working at the setup.

"You realize we're out, right?" Ralph says to Vanessa at the top of the hill, like there's anything she can do about it. In the car, he says, "I'm not upset at you, I just hate losing. It just bothers me. I hate it. It's not you. I'm proud of you. You did good." She's feeling bad, but it's not like they were going to keep coming in fifth and sixth and seventh indefinitely. Of course, he doesn't know Art and JJ went way out of their way and are probably far behind as well, so it's not a done deal that this team is in last place even now.

Oops, Art and JJ just made it to the camp in fourth place. And so did Nary and Jamie, in fifth. Nary and Jamie notice that a lot of the camping crap is heavy, and despite being federal agents, they're still girls. Meanwhile, Dave gets frustrated with how the pipes aren't fitting together and Hulks the whole assembly to the ground, saying they have to start over. Meanwhile, Rachel goes over to the completed model campsite to measure pipes on it by lying down next to them. If the Rachel becomes a standard unit of length, I'm leaving the country. "Just do it with your feet, baby, take steps," Brendon advises. Dave is telling Other Rachel that something's not right. "I heard you the first five times," Other Rachel snaps. She asks him to hold something up. "Yep, 'cause I got eight hands," he says, easily reaching over to hold it in place. "Thank you, you're darling!" she sings. "God, you're being annoying," he responds. There is literally no getting along with him sometimes. Rachel explains that the challenge of the poles arises from the fact that they're high and one person has to hold them up while the other person hammers the pegs in. For some reason they have taller Brendon doing the latter job while the relatively stumpy Rachel holds bars in place over her head, probably because she doesn't know how to operate a mallet. Nary and Jamie, meanwhile, are actually communicating well together.

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