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The Gloves Come Off

Indeed, Team Undercover are the only ones still struggling to put a frame together, while every other team already has the canvas over their structures. They say it wasn't so much a technical challenge as a physical one, being the only remaining all-female team and finding themselves without enough height to get the frame erected. Other teams are already putting up their showers -- Other Rachel and Dave efficiently, Team Big Brother with a lot of whining from Rachel and followed by some amusing grappling from inside the stall, Art and JJ with some collapsing and Vanessa inside while it nearly comes down around her. "Ain't gonna kill you," Ralph scoffs. "Well, it came close," she mutters. Other Rachel and Dave are now in the cinder-block restroom, filling their shower pouch in the sink. "Is this good enough water, do you think?" Dave wonders. "It just needs to flow," Other Rachel says, which if you think about it is a terrifying answer. I'd rather have someone pee in it. Mark calls over a safari guide to check out their work. "When you get done I'd like to use this shower," Mark says. Peeking out of his half-completed shower cubicle, JJ mutters, "Dammit, if they get it I'm gonna kick myself." The guide checks Team Kentucky's shower and says, "You're not done." Bopper realizes that means they need water in it, so Mark goes running to the rest house with a bucket. Meanwhile, Other Rachel and Dave ask for a check. While she looks everything over, Dave says, "Hopefully you haven't done it with a spouse, 'cause it's no fun." Especially if one of those spouses is Dave. Finally, after looking everything else over, she turns on their shower. "That's good water pressure," Dave points out and they're done. "Unbelievable," JJ moans as Other Rachel and Dave run whooping to their Land Rover and tell their driver to take them to Simba campground B, which they passed on the way here. As they pull out, Dave says, "Rachel and I are so damn stubborn. We yell at each other, we bitch, we complain, but we somehow pull it out." Well, all's well that ends well, I suppose. Until it doesn't and it isn't.

Bopper and Mark have their shower filled, so after another check, they're finished as well. "Dang it!" JJ curses. Other Rachel and Dave are arriving at Simba B. Phil, under a wide-brimmed bush hat, points them out to the Masai greeter as they approach. "Phil, you always have me at the top of a hill!" Rachel pants as she high-fives him. The greeter welcomes them to something I can't understand and Phil tells them they're team number one, plus they've won a trip to Costa Rica. Phil confirms that this is the fourth leg they've won. "Shh, don't ell anyone else," Other Rachel says. Somehow I think the news will get out. One zoom to the mat and some banjo and fiddle music later, Bopper and Mark are in second place. "We are walkin' 'em down, slowly walkin' 'em down," Mark modestly says.

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