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The Gloves Come Off

Art and JJ get the go-ahead to proceed to the Pit Stop and Art gives the safari guide an exhausted hug. "You look as though you need a drink," she chuckles. "I need more than a drink," Art says as he shambles from the scene. "That was a bitch," he says as they get into their car. Ralph is asking Vanessa, who's tying the roof on, whether the beds need to be made as Brendon and Rachel get the green light. Jamie looks ready to cry, but at least she and Nary have managed to make some shade for themselves. "We haven't slept in three days," she says as a vulture circles symbolically overhead -- I guess not counting Nary's power-nap on the plane. "We're extremely hungry, tired, need water. There's a lot to stress about and it's not going to do you any good to get all frazzled." Especially since we're due for a non-elimination leg anyway. "Ralph and Vanessa are still here," Jamie points out. Although the latter team has their beds made, so they won't be there for long. Still, Nary and Jamie aren't going to give up on the race any more than they're going to give up on their ridiculous, unnecessary cover story.

Art and JJ show up on the mat as the third place team, which is news they take like a punch to the gut. Phil says, "This race is getting interesting now, because as this rift between the teams..." Art lies that they're "trying to minimize our involvement in that junk and just do what we gotta do." "Yeah, just get us to the million bucks," JJ also lies. So they're all about fucking with people except when Phil asks them about it.

Brendon and Rachel come in fourth and are pretty happy about it. "So it seems that the race seems to have taken a little bit of a turn," Phil buzzkills. "Some nasty words have been spoken going back and forth?" Rachel claims, "We're not going to let anyone's negative personality affect us any more." Besides her own, that is. "Nobody's going to spoil this for us," Brendon agrees. The Masai greeter's face is like, "So this is one of those first-world problems I keep reading about on Twitter, right?"

There are two teams left at the campground, but not for long; Vanessa and Ralph get the go-ahead and hurry to their car while the federal agents are making up what Jamie, refers to as their "pretty bedroom, pretty bedroom." She sounds on the verge of cracking up. Jamie narrates that the other teams are also gone, but they're going to finish and aren't giving up. As they put up their stall, Jamie says, "This is what a lot of guys at work have been wanting, is Nary and I in the shower together. Well, they got it, but we ain't looking so hot right now." Whatever... a screen cap it's probably on the bulletin board at work as you read this.

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