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The Gloves Come Off

Nary and Jamie start off the leg at 11:32 PM, in fourth place. Jamie interviews that they've been federal agents for six years. Also, in case you were curious, Jamie's gun went off and shattered her femur last year during a training exercise and Nary never left her side while she was recovering. Which is sweet. Except for the part about Jamie shooting herself in the leg. Although I guess it's an improvement over how frequently we see teams doing that to themselves during the race. But then, the race isn't over. Remember how Nary and Jamie decided to tell everyone they were kindergarten teachers for some reason?

Yeah, about that. While waiting for their turn with the one travel agent in the entire city of Baku, Bopper and Mark talk about the teams still behind them: the "teachers" and Vanessa and Ralph, who we see opening their first clue in sixth and last place at 11:35 PM. "They're not teachers," JJ declares to the room at large. Well, now he has everyone's attention. We flash back to the previous leg and Art tells us about a conversation he and JJ had with Nary and Jamie while waiting for the Fire Temple to open. Art says he used the jargon term "UC operations" in reference to undercover and Jamie asked without missing a beat, "What kind of UC operations do you do in the Border Patrol?" Art tells us this and explains, "That chick ain't no teacher, she's a cop." And how ironic that Team Undercover may have blown their own UC operation by talking about UC operations. In the travel agency, talking to the other teams, the Border Patrol agents are less specific, backing up their theories in terms of Nary and Jamie's personalities not fitting their idea of a kindergarten teacher. What, are they not badass enough? In any case, their work here is done, so they get their booking and head out, barely even out the door before predicting that Rachel's going to ask the travel agent which tickets they got.

And sure enough, that's exactly what Rachel does and then asks the agent if they told him not to tell her. "Pull up those little-boy britches and be a man," JJ bitches in the cab. Far be it from me to defend Brendon and Rachel against anyone or anything, but what is it they're supposed to do? Ask the agent to get them a more creative flight to Kilimanjaro? Meanwhile, at the agency, Brendon and Team Kentucky are agreeing that as nice as Nary and Jamie are, they can be whatever they want. Yet JJ, as he sees them arriving while he and Art are leaving, says, "Even if they are teachers, there'll be good [as] something to stir the pot." Alas for him, that's only true if anyone cares. Indeed, the ladies walk in and Brendon immediately spills the beans. Nary and Jamie get quiet in a hurry. Man, I hope they don't do any real undercover work. Luckily for them, the others would rather joke around about it, because as I may have previously mentioned, no one cares. Nary and Jamie interview that "the jig may be up," but they still maintain that their agency is better than Art and JJ's, and that Nary could kick their asses. I suppose Jamie couldn't, what with the bad leg and all.

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