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They're still arguing after the ads, even though Ralph would still like Vanessa to stop already. As the line progresses and Team Big Brother moves to the next stage, JJ says, "That they're even in the same race as us is disgusting." Brendon doesn't care about any of this, even though he started it and Rachel got into it by defending him. But Rachel's meltdown needle is deep into the orange zone, especially as she sees JJ at the next window openly laughing at her. Brendon has to go follow Rachel as she cries over Vanessa's trash-talking. Vanessa sees this across the concourse and remarks to Ralph that Rachel's reaction is "over the top." Well, not for Rachel. "You made her cry," Ralph points out. "I didn't make her cry, her lack of self-esteem made her cry," Vanessa argues, not entirely incorrectly. "If you can't take it, don't dish it out." Yeah, Rachel still doesn't have the hang of that.

By now everyone's through the line and milling around near the departure gate, but not having helped sow enough discord and chaos in the last thirty seconds, JJ calls over Nary and Jamie and with Art smiling nervously at his side, he asks, "Really, what job do you guys do, because you're not kindergarten teachers." Nary asks why he thinks that, while Jamie just looks busted. "You really want to get into this?" she asks after a moment, smiling and points out that there's already enough silliness going on right now (which, seconded). They interview about the arrogance of their profession and how Art and JJ think they can intimidate them, but there in the airport, they stick to their story. Art and JJ are still not fooled and they seem to think they've done some good work here. "Makes you feel good. Get some juices flowing before we hit that road running, baby," JJ dicks. Sounds great. Hey, are we ever going to hit that road at some point in this episode?

Mount Kilimanjaro. Giraffe. Hippo. Tiger. Elephants. You know, Africa in the sunshine. But it's dark when the teams land at Kilimanjaro International Airport. There's the usual scramble for cabs, which the teams have to take to Arusha Airstrip to sign up for flights to the Ngorongoro Crater. Yes, I know you've never heard of either of those places. Don't worry about it. Even in separate cabs, Vanessa and Team Big Brother and the Border Patrol all hate each other, although Ralph once again tells Vanessa not to worry about other teams. Save your breath, big guy. At the airstrip's office building, which looks more like a suburban convenience store than an air terminal in the darkness, Art and JJ are the first to arrive, allowing them to sign up on the board for one of the two spots on a 9:30 AM flight, the earliest one to take off the next morning. Brendon and Rachel score the other slot on that flight, which doesn't seem entirely safe. Bopper and Mark get the first pair of seats on the second flight, which will leave at 9:45, along with Other Rachel and Dave. "That's gonna be an interesting flight," Other Rachel mutters to Dave. That leaves Nary, Jamie, Vanessa and Ralph on the 10:00 AM flight. Now they just have to settle down to spend the balance of the night on the bug-ridden patio. Which looks almost as uncomfortable and annoying as being around Rachel.

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