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The Gloves Come Off

The next morning, the hyenas, gazelles, lions, and giraffes in the interior are waking up for the day and we see the first two teams getting ready to board the first flight. "They're our best friends," JJ deadpans. With Mount Kilimanjaro itself in the background, Rachel says she's not just motivated to beat the other teams, but "destroy them." Destruction of another team sounds like a good way to get slapped with a penalty, not that she cares. For their part, Art thinks someone will be crying by the end of the day. "Just don't let it be you, Art," JJ says. Oh all right... heh. The small prop plane takes off and the racers put aside their animosity long enough to mutually gush about the scenery and how lucky they are to experience this. The second pair of teams takes off at 9:45 and from however far overhead they are, Bopper misidentifies a herd of wildebeests as tigers. We'll just assume the plane is really high. Finally, the 10:00 flight goes up and Ralph says his daughter will be jealous. "We'll bring her a hippo," Vanessa offers dismissively. Their pilot draws their attention to a vast flock of flamingos empinkening a wide stretch of land below. The planes' routes take them all over the crater of the volcano, which amazes everyone -- except Nary, who's asleep with her head against the bulkhead with her eyes and mouth open. Glamorous!

The lead flight comes in for a landing on a red clay airstrip out on the veldt somewhere. Near where the plane comes to a stop, there's a pouch full of clues in front of a row of green Land Rovers. Brendon and Rachel get to the clues just ahead of the Border Patrol (apparently the back row of seats was closer to the plane's door) and both teams read that they'll have to choose a "safari vehicle," because you can't say "Land Rover" on a show that's being paid for by Ford. Each Land Rover comes equipped with a driver, but the racers will have to tell the driver how to get them to the western rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, where a Masai warrior is leaning on a bicycle waiting to give them their next clue. Why are Masai always warriors, anyway? Is it really that hard for them to get along with people? In any case, both lead teams get into the back seats of separate vehicles, with Brendon and Rachel's in the lead for now. "This is a first, Art, we're following Big Brother," JJ points out, because he kind of has to. Rachel spots some people to get directions from -- locals carrying spears. All four racers end up running out to them together and are pointed in the right direction, because apparently they took off going the wrong way. After both teams are turned around, Big Brother is following the Border Patrol again, and order is restored to the universe. Both teams marvel at the brightly dressed Masai people walking around and more amazing scenery and, of course, the zebras.

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