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The Gloves Come Off

The second flight lands and soon Other Rachel (who for some reason says from the plane, "Uh-oh, natives," like she's on Gilligan's Island), Dave, Bopper and Mark are in their Land Rovers, in third and fourth place respectively. Other Rachel and Dave aren't quite so lucky with finding English-speaking people to give them directions and are soon off-roading, while Bopper and Mark seem to be on a smoother path. Mark talks about how much he wanted to come here. "My great-great grandpa was a slave and I think that he come from this area." That's such a moving statement that I don't even feel like looking into how many nineteenth-century slaves came from Tanzania.

The Border Patrol and Team Big Brother reach the rim of the crater, where the Masai-clist hands them their clues in first and second place respectively. Phil tells us it's time for a Detour, in which the teams will get to pick one of two traditional ways to experience the Masai way of life: "Marksmanship" or "Courtship." In either case, each racer has to pick out a bicycle (apparently Masai are all about bicycles these days, so maybe they should consider the consider rebranding to "Masai gearheads") and ride it down to the village. Then, for "Marksmanship," they'll need to practice hunting like the Masai, using heavy wooden throwing-clubs called "Rungu" to hurl at a moving target. The target is a clay rabbit that appears to be slowly hopping up from behind a hedge. That's because it's attached to a bicycle wheel that's being slowly being pedaled by another guy from a safe distance. Maybe we're on Gilligan's Island after all. Each team member has to break a target before they get their next clue. In "Courtship," on the other hand, Phil is suddenly standing among a group of Masai who are madly doing their iconic pogo dance, which Phil describes as "a traditional jumping ritual known as Adumu." Taking care to remind us that this is almost 8,000 feet above sea level -- which means the air is even thinner than Art's hair -- Phil tells us that the teams will have to keep up the jumping for a full minute to earn their next clue. Art and JJ decide on Marksmanship, while Rachel decides she and Brendon will do Courtship. How apropos. "They jump really high, but I think we can jump high," she assures Brendon. Both teams get on the high, rickety bikes and commence the nervous-making ride down the bumpy hill, "hoping not to die," as JJ puts it.

The plane carrying the last pair of teams threads the needle between some goats on the landing strip and spot some pretty animated locals outside the windows. "All these people, like, are so excited and happy to see us," Ralph says. "I don't know why." Vanessa's got the answer, though: "They haven't met us yet."

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