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When we get back from commercials, Rebecca talks about the fact that she doesn't usually break down like that, despite having worse things happen in the last year and a half than a bad bus ride. Well, I'll say. Which is perhaps why I'm not sure this kind of high-stress, high-exposure experience was a great thing for this particular family, but I'm not their mom, so I guess I leave it to her judgment. It's just…I would expect them to be fragile, you know? Rachel adds that the "highs and lows" are wearing her down, so she tries to "take it as it comes." She certainly has enough clichés working for her, I think.

In the bus, we are led to believe that the Weavers are singing while everyone else is trying to sleep, but it's not really clear that that's what occurs. In any event, the song is stupid. When you're on an endless bus ride, the first rule of survival is not to make up songs about how endless the bus ride is. Nobody wants to hear it, and somewhere around the 80th or 90th verse, you really do take your life in your hands.

The Schroeders get their clue for the stupidest "task" ever. Meanwhile, the Gadzookskis finish the centrifuge. "That was so coooool, you guuuuuys!" Yeesh. Less screeching, there, pinks.

The second bus arrives in Huntsville, so presumably, Mama Weaver is no longer afraid that she's being taken straight into the desert to be sacrificed. Mama Weaver prays in the car to be taken to where she needs to go. She refers to this as a prayer for "wisdom," which is a stretch. (God: "As it says in Proverbs, look for the enormous rocket with the lights shining all over it.") Aiellos, Paolos, and Gaghans follow.

The Schroeders find the AOL computer and the Phil clue. They are then shown running to the mat. They're team number three. The Godlewskis find their "clue" and run to the mat. You're team number four, pinks. I am straining to care.

Weavers arrive at the hangar first, so they pull the centrifuge clue first, and they get number five. As the Gaghans drive up to the hanger, Bill explains that this is Space Camp, and "they simulate weightlessness here." "I'm doin' it," Billy says, going for a version of "shotgun" that I'm not sure exists, but in all honesty, Carissa's been looking pretty tired. I'm not sure she's going to wrestle him for it. The Aiellos, of these three teams, are actually the first to pull the clue, but they move off to the side to read it. There's really nothing to report here, except that because of that relatively meaningless move, the Gaghans and Paolos both get their centrifuge numbers before the Aiellos, and the Aiellos pull number eight.

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