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Anyway. Aiellos. Welcome, you are last, and…you are Philiminated. The fuck? Are you kidding me? They go out like that? One of two teams I was actively enjoying, and they go out like that, leaving all of four non-eliminations to be spread over however many episodes are left? What a damn rip-off. Eliminated, with no chance to recover, because they pulled number eight. Unbelievable. It's certainly the most irritated I've ever been with the way a team went out. This episode barely had anything in it that meant anything that qualified as racing. The whole first half was totally insignificant because of the forced bunch at the charter buses. The second half was totally insignificant with the exception of one thing -- how you did getting from the clue box to the numbers. And the result is that the elimination appears random, which isn't usually the case. This is like the worst episodes of TAR 6, where there was just bunch after bunch to make sure that nothing would matter until the last ten minutes, but this is much worse, because in those cases, they usually left the opportunity for a close finish or for people to recover. This just polished the Aiellos off as soon as they pulled the last number. Hated this episode. Ha-ted it.

Anyway, Phil asks Tony about the awesomeness of the SILs, and Tony goes on about how much he loves them, which we knew. They all talk about how much they dig each other, which we also knew. I like these guys a lot, and this sucks.


Next week: Racetrack. Oh, that's going to be fun.

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