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Mirna struggles with the Jeep, manipulating the gearshift with both hands, making the gears cry with pain. "Oh, my gosh, there's like smoke coming out," she says. She then manages to back up into the car behind her, at which point its burglar alarm goes off. Mirna is like a little traveling disaster. She should come with her own FEMA representative.

And then Marshall and Lance are driving up to the mayor's office, where it appears Mirna and Charla left their truck when they went to the chocolate factory, so that's where Mirna is struggling with the gears. "Bitch!" one of them (undoubtedly Lance) yells out the window as they pass. Mirna looks up. "Who was that? Somebody just yelled 'Bitch.'" Cut to Lance, laughing at how hilarious he is. And we're back to Mirna, stating that "the people that we deal with are disgusting." Sigh. She was all set to have the moral high ground in that situation...why did she have to give it up? I mean, aside from Marshall and Lance and that comment right there, nobody else has earned "disgusting" yet. I guess she's talking about Bob, because he touched her bags, and is lucky he hasn't been arrested already. It's unfortunate that she's such a whiner that she makes it difficult to feel sorry for her, even in this situation where she's clearly been wronged by a total fuckwit, and sympathy for her is entirely called for.

Brandon and Nicole visit the mayor's office, get their clue, and go.

Back at the chocolate factory, Colin the Creepy Chocolate-Eater is still trying to bite his way to victory. He finally gets a white one. He and Christie grab their clue and leave.

At 12:30, the third flight lands, and Bob and Joyce are on the run out of the airport. Just behind them are the Twinkies, the Moms, and Chip and Kim.

Meanwhile, back at the mayor's office, which they've finally found, Lance and Marshall ponder what they're doing as they run inside. Well, you''re going inside, idiots. And you're seeing the mayor, I really have to explain? Oh, good. They get the clue and leave, which is probably a great relief to the mayor, who presumably sprayed his office for bugs immediately. It's a shame that you can't spray for boorish louts.

Brandon and Nicole find the chocolate factory on foot. He offers to take the Roadblock on the theory that he has "a bigger stomach." Than a pageant girl? Yes, probably. She watches and laughs good-naturedly as he says with trepidation that he has "a better shot at winning the lottery." Your odds of winning the lottery are better than 1 in 550? Oh, Brandon. You are the kind of person who makes the lottery work. He ultimately finds his white center (snerk) and raises it in the air, yelling, "Woo!", because that's the law. They get their clue and run out to their Jeep, heading for Villa Catedral.

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