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As Brandon and Nicole leave the mat, she explains that they've been together for a year, mostly long-distance, and they're learning whether they really want to be together or not. He agrees that the race is how he intends to find out whether they're "meant to be." Because it's their ultimate love test, apparently, which is almost as touching as it is barfy. They get into their car, with him driving. But they're probably really just hoping to find out whether he's meant to be driving.

11:51 AM, Charla and Mirna. Wow, we learn that they're getting $11 for the leg. Won't be stocking up on the cattle souvenirs, apparently. ("I Had A Moooo-velous Time In Argentina!") Mirna has also decided not to curl her hair quite so extensively today, and actually has it partially tied back with barrettes or something. Maybe she ran out of setting lotion, or maybe she was tired of having her 'do searched by airport security. Charla interviews, with an oddly pained expression on her face (she is, in fairness, spending a lot of time with Mirna and not getting a lot of roughage), that they're "working well together." She says that they yell at each other sometimes, but will always be "there for each other." Well, sure. Probably because they're the only ones who have any idea what either of them is talking about, with all the imaginary Spanish. As they leave, they're following Brandon and Nicole, with whom Mirna explains they have "formed an alliance." She goes on: "They're God-fearing people, just like we are. We hope they stick to their words." Well, sure. Because the atheists are so unreliable in cooperative situations. (God: "Less fear! More listening!") As they go, Mirna notes that it's getting muddy, and Charla directs her to drive into the grass.

Brandon, however, commands Nicole to stop (or, rather, "Stop, baby," because it is the '70s, and he is in a disco, and everyone is doing The Hustle), to which she protests that they can't just stop in the mud. "Yes, we can," he insists. Just then, the laws of physics arrive in the form of wee sprites in festive outfits who suck Nicole's tires down into the muck. Behind them, Mirna loudly complains about the stopping, concerned that it will just get everyone stuck in the mud. She honks her horn and yells, "Go!" Well, I'm glad she does her obnoxious haranguing in a God-fearing way. Nicole spins her wheels as Mirna drives around Brandon and Nicole on the right and starts to take off. Nicole calls on them to wait, as she is now mired in the mud, thanks to her boyfriend's excellent advice. As she and Charla drive off, Mirna observes that Brandon and Nicole are stuck, and wonders aloud whether they should stop. "Yeah, we have to," Charla says, and they do. Brandon climbs out of his car, meanwhile, talking about how they're going to have to get some help. There appear to be several tractors stopped by the side of the road (at midnight?), and Brandon goes over and flags one down. As Charla and Mirna run back to Brandon and Nicole's car, Mirna notes that they have to help Brandon and Nicole, because they're "allies." And, of course, because of God.

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