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The Colin-led brigade arrives at the airport. "Come on, let's go get some tickets, you guys!" Linda squeals on the way in. Come on, let's stop screeching! I'm telling you, there's a fine line between "vivacious" and "seemingly hopped up on pills."

Charla and Mirna? Oh, yeah. Still lost. Mirna asks a guy for directions. In fact, she gets him to take her to the airport, as she apparently has no ability to follow a map, nor does Charla. I'll say this for them -- I've never seen a team so good at taking advantage of people's kindness to compensate for their own total ineptitude. It's a legitimate strategy, I just think it's kind of tiresome.

At the airport, Brandon and Nicole ask a security guy what time the Argentine Airlines counter opens. He tells them it opens at 4:00 AM. They run into Marsha, who apparently put her bags down at the Argentine counter but hasn't talked to anyone yet, and tell her that the first available flight is at 10:30, because the 9:10 is sold out. They also share this news with Linda and Karen, who in turn share it with Bob and Joyce. These last two teams apparently decide not to hassle over it, and agree to just book the 10:30 flight when the counter opens up. Well, sure, hurry.

Karma makes its first convincing appearance of the season, running onstage with a hat and a cane, singing, "Hello, my baby, hello, my honey, hello, my ragtime gal," as Marshall and Lance get a big old flat tire. Which they deserve. They pull the car over and start trying to decipher the instructions in the manual. Yes, that would be the manual on tire-changing, because tire-changing is apparently not intuitive at all, so you very much need a book about it, lest you incorrectly try to locate the spare in the glove compartment or take off the lug nuts with one of the radio knobs.

1:08 AM. Chip and Kim. As they leave the mat, Kim voices over that she and Chip believe that "there's no such thing as an alliance," which makes a surprising amount of sense in this particular game. "From this point forward, we just trust each other," she says. That's so sane, I don't know how it ever got on the air. I'm sure that kind of madness won't continue.

1:13 AM. Twinkies. Karli reads the word "Patagonia!" with great enthusiasm, which I secretly believe is because she thinks it's the country Julie Andrews is from in The Princess Diaries. They're off. She voices over that they're feeling "anxious" because they're in last place. Now, unless they've switched the necklace, they switch girls in the middle of this comment, because when the voice talks, it says "Kami and I," but when they show the girl talking at the end, she has the necklace on, which has indicated Kami in the past. No fair switching speakers in the middle of a sentence, editing types. It's not like twins aren't already enough of a challenge.

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