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Whine and Punishment

Coming back, Nick keeps asking Vicki if she wants to quit, but she doesn't. Remember earlier in the race, in St. Petersburg, when she said they aren't quitters? Clearly she was only talking about herself. "It's supposed to be fun, this isn't fun," Nick whines. No, you idiot, it isn't always supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be challenging and difficult and exhausting and infuriating and miles out of your comfort zone, but it isn't supposed to be uniformly fun. At least not for the racers. It's supposed to be fun for us, but I'm just finding it exhausting and infuriating right now. Vicki interviews after the fact that the only way she would have quit is if she'd passed out, which is not the last time the subject of racing to unconsciousness will come up with them. By the time she finally returns to the dining room, it's being closed down for the night. She has to keep searching and eating, and after a few more rounds, she finally gets it. The chef's almost as surprised and relieved as she is, and they're still in it. For now. Off to the Avenue of Stars.

Brook and Claire are continuing to be frustrated, and Nick and Vicki seem to be actually catching up, reaching the Bruce Lee statue after it's begun pissing down rain. They decide on "shampan." Which Brook and Claire are still doing, Brook calling out the number on their cage-tag like it's going to answer them across the darkness. Soon Nick and Vicki are also birded up and searching the harbor. "It should be so hard at nighttime to do this," Nick whines, like all of the other teams didn't have to do the same. Claire spots the boat they're looking for, so their third-place rank is secure. Although Brook actually says she hopes Nick and Vicki got caught up, which is awfully generous of her. I'm sure Nick would say the same thing in her place.

Nick and Vicki almost have caught up, but Nick has lapped everyone else when it comes to bitching: "Hide and go seek in the damn dark for a number that's not even in order?" Well, if it were in order, it wouldn't be much of a hunt, would it? And he's not even helping when Vicki picks out a number with her light and asks if that's it; he just says, "I don't know anything." Which is the first true thing he's said this leg."God, I wanna just choke somebody. And throw the birds overboard, too." Vicki doesn't get how they're missing it, and neither does Nick: "I just know I'm ready to be done." Okay, what exactly has he done that's worn him out so?

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