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Whine and Punishment

Jill and Thomas find the Bruce Lee statue in second place, and Thomas decides on Ding Ding. Nick and Vicki arrive at Majesty, where those same two karaoke singers are still tirelessly performing with no sign of letting up (although the same cannot be said of Claire). Vicki's doing the Road Block, and Nick is actually encouraging for this brief, shining moment, I guess because he sees that Claire is still there and they might have a chance to pass her up. Speaking of Claire, Brook confides to us, "She's supposed to be on a diet for her wedding." Looks like that's out the window.

In between searching for their boat, Kat's blowing a bird whistle at their parakeets for some reason. Not sure what the purpose of that is, other than the race's increasingly rare tendency to make the racers look ridiculous for no reason.

Jill and Thomas get on the ding ding, and soon find themselves in the unenviable position of searching through the millions of lighted signs for the three they want. There are needle/haystack tasks, to be sure, but this is a whole needle/haystack episode. "It's going to be something's going to be something that stands out," Thomas says optimistically as they coast right past the sign reading "PIT STOP." He tells her to keep her eyes open as they both miss "Statue" and "Square" as well. Less talky, more looky.

Back at the restaurant, Nick and Brook are still cheering their partners on in their own wildly divergent ways, but Claire's about to throw up. She finally loses it and runs for the bathroom, much to Nick's amusement, where an Amazing Sound Guy captures every nuance of her Road Block hitting the toilet. You can almost hear the Emmy.

After the ads, Brook has stationed herself supportively outside Claire's bathroom stall. "It was like The Exorcist," Claire interviews. And it sounds like it's still coming out (in the bathroom, that is, not during the interview). Well, the good news is that her wedding diet is back on track. After she's done, she warns that she's probably going to have to come back to the bathroom before they're finished. "That's what they did in Renaissance times," Brook remarks matter-of-factly. I think it was more Roman, but whatever. I'm just glad I didn't have to recap it on that show, because you just know there would be murders and sex happening at the same time and there wouldn't have been a bathroom stall door to protect us.

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