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Flowers And Robots

Robots. Nick gives Don step-by-step instructions, as Don voices over that he's "low-tech," while Nick is more "high-tech." The robot falls down! The robot falls down! The robot falls down! And now, let us watch it together, four thousand times, in slow motion, until we remember it as well as we remember That Thing With Joe Theismann's Leg.

Jen thinks she smells a flower. They root around for a while, and finally, they select a flower that they take to the shop owner. They are correct, and Jen happily jumps up and down as they receive their clue. Ten up top! Everything's good! For now! The clue sends them by taxi to Tempozan Park, which is the pit stop for the leg. As Jen and Nate run for a cab, she insists that this will be their time. This will be the time they will get first place.

Ron and Chris, seemingly unsure whether anyone is nearby and thus whispering unnecessarily, find a real flower and go for the shop owner. They get their clue, and since Nate and Jen are still outside hunting for a cab they can communicate with enough to ensure that the cab can find the park, Nate and Jen are risking that you-know-what placement once again. Have I mentioned that the florist has green hair? Green like Easter grass? She does. I don't know. Ron and Chris are seen getting into a cab while Nate and Jen are still looking. This will not make Jen happy. "This is so not good," she says.

After commercials, we return to Nate and Jen's hunt for a cab. They find a guy eventually who agrees to talk to their driver for them. A cab pulls up, and the guy explains that they're trying to get to Tempozan Park. As they get in the cab, Nate sort of overeagerly claps her on the back as she's jumping in, and when she's seated, she decides to carry on about being pushed, which...seriously, despite the way they put the hysterical sound effect in there the second he touches her, she tumbles into the cab because she's tumbling into the cab; there's no force, which is why he immediately protests that he didn't push her. Appealing to reason, however, is unlikely to work. And in fact, when he says he didn't push her, she just pouts into the clue, which isn't what she'd do if she really believed he'd hurtfully shoved her.

In the Ron and Chris cab, she tells him that he's "been great all day," and he hasn't been losing his temper at all. She says they can make this the first leg where he didn't lose his temper -- not counting, I guess, the freak-out about the taxi driver dropping them off at the wrong place. In the Nate and Jen cab, he's still protesting that he didn't push her, other than to sort of urge her into the cab. Seriously, it wasn't violent -- it was hurried if anything, so I don't know why they're even still arguing about this. She's all pouty, like, "That can cost us," which he points out that it...can't. Which is true. I don't think she's going to have to stop off at the hospital to have her bitchface treated. He asks her to "stop being so negative."

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