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Nate and Jen get a cab. Jen thinks it's time that they "start kicking these old teams' asses." Well, yeah. Because not doing so has been just a little embarrassing, it seems like. Christina seems to know enough Japanese to tell her driver to hurry up once they get themselves a cab. Chris also muses that Nate and Jen seem to believe they can beat her and Ron "and Grandpa" (heh), "but little do they know." As the teams travel in their taxis, several different people comment on how nice and clean and well-maintained Osaka is. And in the Ron and Chris cab, Ron is still wondering what the hell is up with TK and Rachel. He says they might be out ahead, but his gut tells him they're behind. Nick figures maybe TK and Rachel accidentally went to "Osaka, India." "Anything's possible on the race," Don says. Nick sits there and thoughtfully turns to his grandfather before announcing, "That's so cliché [sic]." "Mm-hmm," Don agrees. Hee hee. They're in this to win! People will underestimate them! They're surely going to lose, just as we go to a commercial! (Not really; there's no commercial. Just...see what I did there? Sure you do.)

Castle. Nate and Jen are the first ones there, and they hop out and start running around in a hunt for the clue. They finally spot it, and they open a clue telling them to take a taxi to Noda Station, where Phil explains they'll search for the cleaning guy and ask him for a clue. Man, like he doesn't have enough to do already, now he has to hand out clues to frantic contestants. They wind up getting in a cab and leaving the castle just as Ron and Christina are showing up. Meanwhile, Nick wonders whether Ron and Chris speak Japanese, and Don says they might, considering she goes to a "falutin' college." Nick mocks him for this choice of words, and Don's like, "Princeton, buddy!" What I love about this exchange is that Nick took some shit for this publicly, like, "Stereotypes! Why would he think she'd speak Japanese? Huh? Huh?" Which is kind of funny, since...she speaks Japanese, perhaps not specifically because of college, but certainly because she's smart and educated. At any rate, Ron and Chris sort of repeat the pattern by getting the clue just as Nick and Don are showing up and starting their search. Nick and Don climb into a tall tower, and Don spots the clue down on the ground, so they go to fetch it. They get in their cab and head for the station. In the cab, Nick asks Don if he's tired, and Don says it's more that he needs water, so Nick tells him they can pick some up at the train station.

On the way to the station, both Nate and Jen and Ron and Chris express relief that they don't have to drive in Osaka, given the one-way streets and hard-to-read signs (which are, believe it or not, in Japanese) and so forth. The editors send them a thank-you card for the foreshadowing material. Because: hey, look! Foreshadowing.

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