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Nate and Jen are the first ones to get to the station and find the cleaning man, who hands them a clue that turns out to be a Roadblock. "Who's the back-seat driver?" Jen wonders, then makes an "uh-oh" face. Heh. You can tell she's like, " life?" She takes the Roadblock and reads on to learn that the Roadblock requires the chosen person to "become a taxi driver" and navigate a couple through the streets to their destination, which is...written down. In Japanese. So this will not be so easy. Most importantly for Jen's purposes, the Roadblocker has to "put on a hat and gloves." A costume -- eeeee! Important caveat: they aren't allowed to invite anyone to ride with them or lead them, and the couple they're taxi-ing can't help them either. Once they get to the destination, they'll get the clue, but then they'll have to get themselves back to the station, too. You know, this is the part of Mapquesting that I always forget. Reverse directions. Damn.

Jen heads outside and puts on her cap and her white gloves (with her black tank top and camo shorts), and as she's preparing to leave, Ron and Chris show up and see her. Jen gets in her cab and takes a moment to check herself out in the mirror to see what she looks like in the little hat. To say she could use a review of priorities would be a grotesque understatement. Chris and Ron find the cleaning man inside, and he gives them the Roadblock clue. When they see the bit about being a "back-seat driver," they take it a little bit literally, and they conclude that Chris should do it, because she speaks the language. It's solid thinking, kind of, except that when they open the Roadblock, they're instantly horrified. Because it turns out that while Chris may be awesome with the back-seat driving, she's not so much with the front-seat driving, a.k.a. "driving." Ron says that she doesn't have much of a sense of direction, but I sense she also doesn't have much of a sense of driving a car. "It's up to the ladies," says Nate to Ron genially. Outside, Jen stares hard at the address, which is incomprehensible to her as a result of being in Japanese, while Christina reads it and announces that it's sending her to the Osaka Center Post Office. One point for six months of Japanese. Christina struggles to even get the car going, though, even though it appears to be an automatic. Yikes. Jen looks around until she finally finds someone on the street who speaks English, who tells her about the post office, while Christina just tries to start her car. Jen finds a lady who looks to be pretty helpful, who tells her where to go and about how long it should take her. Christina reveals to us that she doesn't actually have a car and doesn't drive, and only uses public transportation. Yow. Maybe don't take the task with "driving" in the clue next time?

Chris and Jen both fumble through the streets, asking for directions. Meanwhile, Nick and Don reach Noda Station and find the cleaning man, from whom they get their clue. When they open the Roadblock, Nick asks if Don is tired, saying he's not tired. Don admits that he is (he also needs water, remember), so Nick takes it. Nick goes out and gets in his cab, while Don enjoys some delicious water. Like Jen, Nick has to start out by finding someone on the streets of Osaka who can read the clue for him.

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