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Flowers And Robots

When we get back from a set of doomsaying commercials, Nick asks a passing motorist for directions back to the station, and he seems to be going the right way. Kind of. I think it's all relative.

Oh, hey, it's the Osaka airport! It's TK and Rachel! Remember them? They're the fourth couple still in contention on this show, and they're currently in last place! They get a cab, and as he sits in the back of it, TK observes that they're "back on the racetrack," whether they're ahead or behind. I think he kind of knows they're behind. He and Rachel smooch in celebration of not sitting in airports or on planes anymore. What's hilarious is that making out in cabs always means one of two things: (1) really romantic; or (2) really, really tawdry. I'm thinking TK and Rachel are the first one.

Nick is still having trouble.

In the back of Nate and Jen's cab, Jen is explaining about how difficult the task was, and how it ends with the need to find this little offshoot street to get to the station itself. Nate is looking where they're going, though, and he puts a hand on Jen's arm and says it's hard for him to listen to her while the driver is driving. She pulls a face. He's like, "Er...," and goes on to say it's hard to listen to what she's saying right now. He squeezes her arm. "You know what I'm saying," he says. "No, I don't," she says. I swear, Nick needs a siren that will go off three seconds before he says something like that, instead of the siren simulated by Jen's freaking out, which tends to go off three seconds after.

And then: weirdest moment of the episode. Ron and Chris's cab driver appears to be gasping for breath, to the point where he seriously seems to be in medical distress. Like, he's wheezing and gasping. And Ron says, "I just hope he doesn't croak on us." Way to keep your compassion flowing, there, Ron. The cab driver dying with you in the cab would be bad, because it would slow your trip to what will turn out to be, ultimately, literally a stop to smell the flowers. This is God speaking to you, Ron. Get right with...whatever it is you feel you need to get right with, because this is not right, and the hard-breathing cabbie will not forgive you if your first words after he expires are "time credit." Oh, well. We will never hear of this driver again, so...I hope he had that checked out.

Jen and Nate are dropped at the temple and hop out. They run up the stairs and to the clue box. The Detour offers them Sense Of Touch and Sense Of Smell. In Sense Of Touch, you go to a building where you use cell phones to control robots playing a game of robot soccer. Oh, you heard me. Your robots have to score one goal for each team member, and then you're done. In Sense Of Smell, you have to use your nose only -- no touching, presumably -- to find a real flower in a shop full of artificial flowers. Jen figures that it's hard enough to tell the difference between the difficulty of the Detour options that they should just do whatever's closest, which I grudgingly admit is not a bad plan. What I love is that she says the two places are "a flower shop" and "a robot shop." I'm not sure the other place is a "robot shop." For about the third time today, Chris and Ron show up right when Nate and Jen are leaving, so that's...interesting. Nate and Jen get a guy to guide them to the flower shop as Ron and Chris open the Detour. Jen tells us that she and Nate are doing Sense Of Smell, because they've been told the two are both about the same distance, and she says she has "the nose of a bloodhound." In bed. WOW, I just grossed myself out.

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