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Flowers And Robots

Robot soccer! Nick and Don enter and survey the place, which is set up with these tables that look kind of like foosball tables, you know? Only they have a soccer "field," and there are robots running around on them. And I am officially explaining this worse than Andy Rooney would. Seriously, you guys, I'm really tired. "Are they going to show us how to do it?" Nick asks. "Play!" the ref yells. "No, I guess not," Nick observes. Heh. They do have a little sheet showing what the different buttons do, and Nick uses it to teach himself quickly how to do the basic functions with the robot. Don interviews that he's nothing at videogames -- he loses to his grandkids every time. Believe me, Don, it's possible to lose to small children, even at things other than videogames. Which I am currently learning while locked in a Scrabulous battle with my Music Stylist's son, who is six years old. In my defense, he is almost seven. Incidentally, I hereby launch my personal protest that "MUNS" is an allowed Scrabble word. Aside from perhaps being a portmanteau couple name to be used in fanfic in which muffins fall in love with guns, I do not get it. Not totally on topic, I realize.

Jen reports that all the sniffing is making her lightheaded. And not in the Jeff Conaway sense. She interviews that she looked up in a kind of a fog and thought she might have hallucinated herself into "a Pink Floyd music video." Nate laughs, and...yeah, I'll give her that one; that's a little funny. Upstairs, Ron and Chris are setting up their method of searching for the flower. Nate grows tired of Jen and says to her, "Be quiet and smell! All I hear of you is talking!" I know a few people to whom "Be quiet and smell! All I hear of you is talking!" wouldn't be a bad thing to say. Kind of resigned, kind of rebellious. Oh, just stink already, but don't yammer on top of it.

Nick's robot manipulation takes a huge turn for the better when he figures out that pressing the "0" button causes the robot to get up. Aha! With the defender seriously not working very hard, Nick manages to scoot the ball into the net and score a goal. So now, he just needs to take Grandpa through it.

TK and Rachel are in the cab on the way to the temple. TK tells us, once again, that he has absolutely no idea whether they're way ahead or way behind or what. Wait, what was that, TK? You have no idea? Whether you're ahead or behind? I am shocked!

Nate and Jen bail on the downstairs flowers and hit the upstairs flowers. We get exactly the same "holy shnikies"/"" exchange that we heard when they came in downstairs the first time, which certainly sounds like it's a product of the laziest editing of all time. ("Um, I need a sound to lay over this clip. Like maybe an expression of surprise. What have we got?" "Uhhh...they acted surprised five minutes ago." "Okay, that's fine. Give me that.") When the real flower doesn't immediately reveal itself, Jen declares that they should have done the other Detour. Nate disagrees. Ron and Chris continue sniffing.

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