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Sequesterville Express

Caroline has begun searching through the boards, while Winnie and now Max are still in search of the mat. Winnie spots Phil and the greeter on their platform at a distance, but has to get directions how to get there, because it's not exactly passable in any visible way. She's pointed up a set of stairs, where Pam is waiting for her at the spot where Connor picked up Dave and they head for the Pit Stop together. Katie hurries Max along as he meets up with her and for a moment it looks like it might be a footrace, but Pam & Winnie are already at the mat. They're team number two, not just because Connor peeked, but also because their poor navigational skills bit them in the ass again. On the other hand, Max & Katie are team number three, making this their best leg yet. In more ways than one, since I don't recall having to listen to any bickering from them this week either.

Jessica & John are getting a little more tense at the fruit task and the local women are watching them with increasing disapproval. Joey & Meghan get an okay and move on, while Jessica suggests using the Express Pass, saying they could be last right now. John says no and tries to take a stick from her. She holds onto it tight, not looking at him and he looks away, his ultra-positive attitude briefly dented. I would have preferred crushed, but dented works for now.

After the ads, Jessica and John make the remarkable decision to switch Detours. John toolishly lectures Jessica to slow down a minute, "because hasty hasn't worked for us so far." Yeah, except for how it's a race. Bates & Anthony see them leave, and as they're running back to the cab, Jessica asks John what their strategy is and if it involves an Express Pass. Clearly she thinks the answer should be yes. John says he's not thinking about that right now, but thinking "smart and steady." "Yeah," Jessica says impatiently. Thinking it doesn't make it so.

Chuck & Wynona get approval for their offering and are happy to no longer be in last place (which they actually haven't been for a while), as Bates & Anthony are still building theirs. Chuck interviews that they're hoping to get rid of the hockey brothers, whom they see as a threat. It would also help if they could get rid of their crappy travel luck, which I see as a much bigger threat.

Having delivered their offering, Joey & Meghan get their clue at the temple in fifth place. Caroline is having a little trouble at the surf shop, where she has decided that the right surfboard is the one with a Bali decal on it, because after all, every racer has encountered Bali. That's good enough for her and she goes off to look for her partner and Phil.

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