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Sequesterville Express

Jessica & John arrive at Sandy Bottom, Jessica saying they need to decide on the Express Pass now and John convinced they can do this. He feels much better about this option. Even better than the one he originally thought was perfect for them?

Meanwhile, Bates & Anthony finish their Detour and get their clue in eighth place, putting Team JJ officially in last... not that they know it yet. The hockey brothers hurry off to the beach, hoping that Jessica & John are still at Sandy Bottom. Which, of course, they are.

It's been a long day, because the sun is getting low over the ocean when Mona & Beth arrive at the Roadblock. Chuck has found a surfboard featuring a picture of a woman with a fruit basket, thinking it applies to the Detour he just completed. Which, as Winnie already realized earlier, should rule it out. Joey sees one board spattered in red and quips, "We've encountered blood, many times," but puts it back. Chuck is wandering around the stairways and pathways looking for Wynona, who is in the waiting area higher on the cliff. She says he's lost but she saw his head. Is she sure it was his? I'm not sure his haircut is distinctive enough.

At the river, John is still saying, "Slow and steady" as he and Jessica decide their baskets are full enough, and they heave them on their heads up to the brick-maker. Meanwhile, the team they currently have the best chance of catching, Bates & Anthony, are already at the beach with their Roadblock clue. Bates gets to the surf shop just as Joey is saying, "Pretty sure I've met this guy before." He takes off with a board we didn't get a good look at, and Mona carries off another. Bates picks out one with the priest on it, examines it closely and... puts it back. Oops.

Meanwhile, Chuck is turning the search for Phil into an orienteering expedition, crawling through crevasses and running through the surf where the cliffs reach the water, while Wynona at her higher vantage point painfully watches him scamper around below, willing him to look up. It's also painful to watch Bates pick out a mint-green board. We can't see what's on it, but all the other correct boards have been white (because: racism). As for Joey, when he and Meghan reach the mat it turns out that he did come up with a correct board, and they're team number five. Mona & Beth are there on the mat with them and Mona turns her board around, asking if they can go back when it turns out to be wrong. Phil says that indeed they can and as they run back to the surf shop, Joey calls out to Mona to show her the priest on their board. And then they interview some more about how great their alliance is.

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