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Sequesterville Express

It's not doing much for its originators, though. Jessica & John finish the Detour and are pretty happy about it, considering they're in a distant last and the heavy, wet basket has made John's normally vertical hair totally flat. They hurry back to the taxi, John probably oblivious to both of those facts.

At the beach, Bates is still carrying his green surfboard around in search of Phil. He encounters Mona carrying her board back and they don't say a word to each other, after which Bates finds another wrong path on his own. Mona next encounters Chuck, who asks what she did wrong. Mona keeps mum with him as well. Up at the waiting area, Beth, Wynona and Anthony wonder who's missing, and Anthony tells them about Team JJ switching Detours and how nobody has seen them since. It's coming on evening as John tells us (and Jessica) that he thinks they're in second-to-last place, but even if they're in last, they still have their Express Pass. Jessica looks like she's almost entirely over him, but they're pretty excited to see that this is a surf-related challenge, so John takes this one, because of how they are surfers -- which may actually contribute to what's about to happen.

Chuck is following Mona with her mysteriously missing pant leg up the correct path now, and Bates is still wandering around lost, entirely weary of stairs as, like, an entire concept. Mona looks thoroughly whacked by the time she and Beth make it back to Phil with the right board (even though the color of the board is different from the other correct ones, which makes me wonder about Bates's) and they're team number six. They're still hugging when Chuck & Wynona show up, with what is still the wrong board. Phil sends them back to try again. "Didn't want to tell them what board it was?" Phil asks the derby moms, who manage to pant out a no. Paying it forward only applies to people in one's alliance.

John is now crossing that crevice of beach, cheerfully talking about his quest for "a board with something special on it." Bates and Anthony show up at the mat and turn out to have the right board after all, so they are team number seven. That leaves only Team Mullet and Team JJ. At the waiting areas, Wynona tells Jessica that they're the last two teams and Jessica mentions their Express Pass. Which does not work retroactively, it should be noted. John narrates his search for the right board, and Chuck just grabs another one and goes. He and Wynona leave the waiting area and Jessica is left standing there alone, physically ill at the possibility that they might be Philiminated. Sure enough, Chuck has the correct board this time, and he and Wynona are officially team number eight. Jessica almost certainly can't hear them from where she is, but she can see Chuck not running back and realizes that they're going to be the last team to check in. For all the good this realization does her.

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