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Sequesterville Express

The second flight lands, with both teams in a good mood. Jessica & John leave the airport in fifth place, John feeling flush with his Express Pass. Joey & Meghan are feeling good about the alliance that helped them get here sooner. I appreciate optimism. Usually.

Dave & Connor are the first to reach the courtyard where the Fruity Top task begins, but other teams are not far behind. They are all provided with the required sarongs to tie on over their clothes, and they go over to where the example is standing to give it a close examination. Pam whispers to Winnie that they only need to count the number of fruit around the base, and interviews that she knew how to figure this out, as a professional set designer. Which is one of those skills you'd never think would be useful on the Amazing Race until someone who has them shows up. She and Winnie find an area with the baskets of the required supplies, and along with everyone else, they begin toting armloads of fruit over to their separate work areas. As they get started, it becomes apparent that the fruit isn't so much stacked as pinned to a central post with long sticks. Which is both good (because I was wondering how they were going to keep the fruit from collapsing) and bad (because one never grows weary of watching fruit-piles collapse on this show).

Jessica & John are nervously watching their monkey carry their coconut to a high tree branch, while Joey does a real-time performance of and Meghan's monkey's inner monologue like a poorly executed LOLcats bit. Finally, the last fight lands at the Bali airport, where Bates & Anthony get a cab in seventh place, Mona & Beth eighth and Chuck & Wynona ninth, all trying to remain optimistic for their own various reasons.

The monkey up in the tree conveniently drops Jessica & John's clue-tube down on the path when he's done, so they're able to get it themselves without the help of a ranger. They're also going for "Fruity Top." A ranger retrieves Joey & Meghan's clue from the puddle of coconut water their monkey left it marinating in, and in the course of choosing their Detour option, Joey manages to say "Fruity Top" not once, but twice with a straight face. They're now in sixth. Bates & Anthony's driver tells them they're five minutes away from the monkey forest, but Team Mullet and the derby moms are already there. As those two teams get to work with the coconuts and the monkeys in a splitscreen, Bates & Anthony have a growing suspicion that their driver doesn't know where he's going. A suspicion that is confirmed when he gets out to ask directions and fully solidified when we go to commercial.

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