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In their cab to the Fruity Top Detour, John is talking about how he and Jessica (but especially he) are detail-oriented and they fully expect to see other teams still there. Joey & Meghan are hoping the same thing, although they don't know where they are. You're in Bali, Sunshine.

Max & Katie must have gotten approval for their offering, because they're soon following it down the street on a lady's head. Caroline & Jennifer also get a thumbs-up, just before Jessica & John's driver drops them off at the address in the clue. The latter team ducks through a narrow doorway into a courtyard, like all the other teams before them, but instead of a camera-ready craft area, they find themselves in a construction zone. But then they find a little shirtless guy busy with some flowers and other materials he's got laid out on the ground and they tell him that they'd like to build a traditional offering. Which, even if he spoke English, he'd have no idea what they were talking about. But John picks up a tiny little cardboard boat of flower petals -- about the size of a small order of fries -- and figures that's the example they'll have to emulate. Ooh, this is getting more embarrassing by the moment and their unwilling host more visibly tense. I can only imagine how I'd react if I were working on something at home and a couple of foreigners came barging in to tower over me with their backpacks the size of my entire body and announced they'd like to do what I'm doing.

Max & Katie get their clue sending them to the beach in third place, and then Caroline & Jennifer in fourth. As for Jessica & John, they're still doing the wrong task in the wrong location, but at least now the dude is going with it, helping them out and then straightening up to smile stiffly at the camera. Sometimes network television crews can be a calming presence, it seems. After they've put together this small offering, Jessica wonders what's next. Looking at the clue, they notice belatedly that they were supposed to put on sarongs first as a sign of respect. Oddly enough, a pair is procured for them by some other dude and they step into them. While that's happening, John asks the person helping them to ask their original host if he's seen any other people "that look like us." Wait, is there another team this season that includes an insanely grinning version of Drago from Rocky IV? Told "not yet," they show that guy their clue and he directs them to house number 2, because that is not where they are right now. They run over with their sarongs, carrying their shoes. Now, all this has been intercut with footage of Jessica & John after the leg, explaining to the camera with entirely straight faces how well they thought they were doing. But this segment is capped off by John interviewing sheepishly, "Somebody's backyard." And yet, it's still not the weirdest or most embarrassing thing that happens in this episode. Okay, maybe it's still the weirdest. They eventually find Joey & Meghan already working at the "Fruity Top" task, and John tells Jessica that they need to get their game faces on. Presumably those are less red than the ones they're currently wearing.

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