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Bates & Anthony finally reach the monkey forest and offer up a coconut. "That's the closest I've ever been to a monkey," says Bates, which is a surprising thing to hear from a hockey player. Unfortunately for them, their monkey disappears into the trees with the coconut they just gave it. They'd better hope there are extra coconuts.

Mona & Beth get to the river bank, happy to see no other cabs there waiting for other teams. They scramble down the step banks with primitive dirt steps cut into them, one of them slipping on the way. I can't believe OSHA approved this workplace. They find three local women shoulder-deep in the river, using plastic buckets to scoop sand up from the river bottom and dump it into the baskets on top of their heads. As you do.

Jessica and John are doing their best with the fruit-building, John saying it plays to his strengths of being anal-retentive. The chuckling locals who are watching seem to disagree. Joey compares this task to cosplay, which may mark the first time that word has been heard on The Amazing Race, and says they both love Legos as well. I suddenly feel the need to mention something that I haven't up until this point in the season, which is that both Joey & Meghan appear to be fully-grown adults. Chuck & Wynona are the next to arrive and are glad to see other teams still there. As usual.

Now officially in last place, Bates & Anthony somehow manage to get their clue after all. They decide on "Sandy Bottom," but since their driver doesn't know where this particular one of Bali's 92,478,907,489,373 rivers are but does know how to find the address for "Fruity Top," they go with that one instead. Anthony's looking forward to putting a sarong on, not that I can understand him without subtitles. You know, I often find these guys a lot harder to hear than, say, the Globetrotters, but they don't get nearly as many subtitles.

Pam & Winnie make it to the beach -- or rather, a three-dimensional maze of shops and plazas clinging to the cliffs overlooking said beach -- and quickly find a clue box on a terrace overlooking the water. The Roadblock question inside asks, "Who's ready to get totally tubular and be worked in a way-gnarly challenge?" Over shots of surfers -- whom I can tell you right now the racers will not be joining -- Phil tells us that they'll have to go to a surf shop and find a board with a familiar image; namely the priest who blessed them in Bora Bora. There are stickers of similar size images on all the scores of boards standing outside the shop in racks, but the priest is the one they need, not that they know that yet. After finding a board with the correct decal on it, they'll have to carry it to the Pit Stop, picking up their partner along the way. And if they get the wrong board, they have to bring it back and try again. From next to the mat, which is laid out on a wooden platform on a cliff overlooking the ocean, Phil reports that the last team to check in here may be eliminated. Winnie takes this one and goes off in search of the surfboard shop.

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